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Why Live This Way When You Don’t Have To? Breaking Strongholds

Are you a “What If” kind of person? Do you forfeit your future because of sins of your past? Are your plans frequently hindered and it seems that everything is going against you? Is it possible that your enemy has

developed strongholds from which he launches effective attacks?


You may have strongholds if: criticism wrecks you, you cannot bear to face certain individuals, you are so tired of living for people’s acceptance, but you cannot stop, you cannot escape the pain of rejection, abuse, or betrayal, you cannot hope. Your dreams go unfulfilled, suffering people around you never seem to get better.


What has taken Satan years to build, Jesus can demolish in a moment! Freedom waits for your call! This is not a wishful thinking book – it is proven true in innumerable lives that have been transformed by the power of God.


Even Now: The Resurrection of Your Hopes and Dreams

How many times have people considered God’s “absence” as God’s failure to care about them? As Martha, can you remove the self-imposed barriers barring you from God’s ordained destiny? What is it that has sealed your fate or robbed you of your dreams? Can you roll it away?


This book will show you how God can take you past the most dreadful issues of your life: the loss of hope, the devastation of sin, the paralysis of raw emotions, the aching suspicions of God’s faithfulness and love. This book will encourage you to roll your stones away so God may resurrect your buried dreams and hopes! An “Even Now” moment is any tragedy or circumstance that makes you feel hopeless, those times when visions have slipped away and dreams become nightmares. With every emotional pain and confusion stretched to its limit, with every reason not to have faith, with Lazarus’ corpse decaying in the tomb, Martha said to Jesus, “Even Now, whatever you ask the Father He will give that to you.”


He Never Turned Anyone Away: The Hospitality of Jesus Christ

By human measurements, religion has set standards regarding spiritual status and significance which most people sitting in our congregations will never attain. One of those measurements is that a Man of God must be in full-time ministry, such as a pastor or evangelist. Such a standard is disastrous and discouraging because most believers will never be called to an office in the Body of Christ. Most Christians will live their entire lives having never raised the dead. Most will never walk on water. Most will never speak to a large crowd of people. Most will never see thousands of people come to Christ as a result of their preaching ministry. However, anybody can do the things that please God: Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, ministering to the needy, and preaching the gospel to the poor. What an impact. You don’t need the elaborate, you need the common.



CD’s and DVD’s are also available on a wide range of subjects.


To order any of the above, contact Sylvia Murphy at (225)293-2222

Or email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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