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Our listeners write…


"...Just wanted to say thank you for posting the mp3 sermons on your website, very edifying messages."


"...Hi, I've been listening to your program on wvog. I really like the way you preach the word of God. Keep up the good work. It's been helping me out in my life. Thank you for your services."


"...Thank you  so much! Rev. Shipp blesses our lives each day with the radio and by CD as we travel."


"...I just cannot tell you how very much I am blessed b the Word I am receiving through the CD's you have been sending me. I listen to them in my car. Each on I listen to whets my hunger for Him more and more... Every Sunday I am provoked by the Word Lee Brings to seek Him more, to beseech Him, to change my heart more and more..."


"...Thank you so much for your message on prayer. It ministered greatly to me and I am sharing it with some folks that really need to hear it... I appreciate your insight and sensitiviy of God's heart and His holiness, and His desires for His people. Oh that we would draw nearer and receive all that He wants to give us of His great love and treasures...I can't begin to tell you what a blessing and how refreshing it is to listen to someone who has touched and can expound on that experience as you can and do. May God coninue to reveal Himself to you as you seek His face."


 "...I am one of the Pastors from North India who receives your message CD every month. I am very grateful to you and your congregation that I am so blessed by your messages in various topics..."


“A Call to the Heart has helped me in my walk. I have been transferred to another

facility…and sadly there is little sound preaching.”      


“Thank you for sending the CD’s. They have really been an inspiration and a blessing…You know if you’re not careful, you could find yourself just “doing church”. Like Pastor Lee was saying in one of the messages about following a program for evangelism rather than listening to the Holy Ghost. We can also begin to “follow a program” instead of a relationship with our Father God, if we don’t keep Him in focus…”


“…We were blessed by your sermons, but we did not realize how blessed we were. We have not able to find any church that comes close…teaching is OK, but it does not seem to be led by the Spirit nor has it been convicting…we were surprised that they do not have an altar. We’d like to get on a mailing list to receive

sermon CD’s if possible…”


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