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Myanmar (Burma) 2013

March 25-April 2nd of this year Helena Torres, Teresa Tan, and myself traveled to the “Golden Land.” Myanmar is nick-named this because as you fly over this country, the land is spectacled with golden pagodas, erected in honor Buddha and other spirits. This Southeast Asian country is sandwiched between two more popular countries, India and Thailand. For decades, the people of Myanmar have been tortured by a military run government who has become notorious in the UN for its human rights violations. Just recently, the borders have opened up a little bit more and international travel has been encouraged, but only to restricted areas. One of those areas is the Shan State.


God is doing a work in Shan State through three evangelists named Aung La, Onesimus, and Somein’oo. Within this state live many isolated hill tribes who have never heard the gospel, let alone ever met a Christian or seen a Bible. With limited transportation, these three men have tried to reach out. Through Bring Good News missions organization, Helena, Teresa, and I were able to provide free medical clinics to these poor tribes, opening up friendly doors for the evangelists to come in and teach. We held clinic in 6 villages, the evangelists preaching outside or sharing with the leaders as we took care of patients. In every village we visited, we were welcomed, and the evangelists invited back to come and teach. We treated a total of 1,035 patients, and countless tribal people were saved. We were able to give Bibles to the village chiefs and a few others who could read. Teresa was sharing the 10 commandments to one village chief in particular, and as she told him that God commanded us not to have graven images (pointing to the Buddha shrine set up in his house) but to worship Him only. His reply? “Who is this God that we might worship Him?” The hunger was there for the one true God, but no one had ever told him about Yahweh before!


It was very encouraging to see many hear the gospel for the first time in Myanmar, but it was at the same time very weighing as I looked out over the harvest fields and knew we were only leaving behind 3 workers to harvest and disciple. Please pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers into these fields!


Thank you for your prayers, support, encouragement, and giving!


- Ana M. DePuy


Financial Peace University -Online Meeting Saturday, April 4 @ 10:00 AM
Amanda Grosze's Baby Shower Friday, April 17 - All Day
Dinner On the Grounds - Youth Fundraiser Sunday, April 19 - All Day
Ladies' Retreat Wednesday, April 22 - All Day
Ladies' Retreat Wednesday, April 22 - All Day

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