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Brooklyn, NY - Jewish Community 2013

What a joy, privilege, and a blessing it was for my husband Bill and I to serve Yeshua, our Messiah with Jewish believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! We witnessed how God moved in the heart of believers (Jew and Gentile) all over the world and joined them together as one body in Christ in unity with one another and with one mind of Christ, to be in Divine alignment with the heart and will of God for His chosen people of Israel. He equipped and gifted each person in different ways, as He prepared us to join Him in His work in New York City to bring the good news of the gospel of Yeshua, Jesus, to a lost and dying world.


We witnessed the Mighty hand of God upon the lives of the people in New York City. Although our purpose was to reach the Jewish people first, the Lord and put many gentiles in our path, including Muslim, Hindus, Atheists, Spiritualists, and those who had no faith at all.


As we were traveling back to our hotel one evening on the train, I was feeling somewhat discouraged from much rejection, verbal opposition, and so many hardened hearts towards God. I looked over in the corner and noticed a young girl alone. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to talk to her and discovered that she was 16 years old and had been raised Catholic, with no substantial spiritual upbringing. I shared with her the love of God and a short testimony of what God had done in my life. Suddenly she asked if I would share again about “lifting up your sins to God”. She asked, “How do you do that?” I began to share the gospel and our hope of eternal life with Jesus….about repentance and forgiveness of our sins. She asked, “Is it true he (Jesus) can help you?” As I answered, the train had arrived at her destination and she had to leave, but thanked me for sharing. I had peace in my heart that God would finish what he had started. God not only met with this young girl, but encouraged me to continue in obedience to the calling upon my life, no matter how things appear. God never sleeps and He is mighty to save. I am just a vessel He works through.


The next morning we went into the parks to minister the gospel. You know The Lord is going to do something great when fear comes over you! The enemy wants nothing better than to keep us from the work of The Lord. As Bill and I finished lifting up our fears before The Lord in prayer, asking Him to give us boldness to minister His gospel, we went over to a couple sitting on the bench who seemed to be wondering what we were doing. They were born again Christians who encouraged us in our work. What a blessing from God and an answer to prayer! God knew exactly what we needed to continue on.


Our first Divine appointment that day was with three college students. Concerning their faith, one girl, said she was searching for truth, because her father was Catholic and her mother was Protestant and no one practiced their faith. Her girlfriend claimed to be Atheist, although born and raised in Catholicism. Her eyes and posture defied anyone to challenge her. The young man had no faith, other than his parents professed to be Protestants. Bill and I began to share about creation, the love of God, the miracles of God, and the blessings of God in our lives. We shared how we had been delivered from bondage and sin, and how we once walked down a path of darkness and turned towards the light and truth that is in Jesus Christ. As we spoke, the girl searching had many questions, the wall of the young girl began to crumble and you could see the softening of her heart through her eyes and demeanor. The young man was in deep thought, his eyes fixed upon the message. At one point his head was bowed and his lips moving, as if he were praying or just talking to God. He appeared to be struggling with the truth of God’s Word which has the power to save.


Although they were not ready for salvation in that moment, they had received a touch from God who was calling them unto Himself. The love and grace of God is unending, full of His infinite mercy! He never quits knocking at the door of our hearts to accept His Son as Lord and Savior.


Our last Divine appointment for the day was with a man who shared that he was born and raised Catholic but had recently been going to several different churches. He told of how he was in the Vietnam War and had an “out of body” experience. He remembered being shot and seemed to be floating above many dead bodies lying on the ground, with a white light that seemed to draw him to the light. The Holy Spirit had spoken through Bill who interjected that it was God calling him. Bob did not die that day, and he knew that heaven and God were real, but he continued in the ways of the world, believing his good deeds would get him to heaven. We began to share the gospel, how God’s Word tells us that we are saved by grace and the meaning of being born again. He then asked, “What do I need to do? Praise God, for he came to repentance and made a confession of faith, believing on Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. As we had finished praying with him, he said, “Wow, I feel different… happy… light! It just felt like God touched me on my head and warmth ran all through my body all the way to my feet.” What an amazing God we have! God knew that one day this man would come to know Him. He had revealed Himself to him many years ago as a young man, and in His great mercy, allowed him to live. God revealed Himself again by allowing him to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ promised to us upon His ascension. Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us, once we are believers, trusting in Him.


God deserves all the glory, for His blessings, His mercy, His love and His grace are poured out towards all mankind! Praise His Holy Name!     


- Marcelle Nipper


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