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Egypt 2013

In April 2013, I had spent the past several months preparing to labor in Iraq. The Lord had raised up a team that was ready to labor and a team that had diligently prayed and prepared for this journey. But one week before departure all doors were closed. Shortly after the door closed, our Egyptian ministry leader called and said, "Please come to Egypt, there is much work to be done here." So one week before our departure every plan, thought, idea, and every desire we held onto were all laid aside. We had no idea how things would turn out, but we trusted that our Lord had greater plans than we could imagine. And we trusted Him to orchestrate all things according to His will and for His glory.


The Egyptian leaders had 7 days to prepare transportation, housing, medical clinic sites, meet with village leaders, and plan ministry events but this was nothing for Our God and nothing was impossible for Him. It was evident that long before we knew we were going to Egypt the Lord knew. He had been preparing a people for us to minister to, a people to reach. When we got to Egypt we found hearts that had been softened and hearts that were prepared to meet the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. On the first day of medical clinics, I was speechless and overwhelmed by how the Lord was moving. I prayed over every patient that I met with and every time I finished my prayer I would look up into their faces to see tears streaming down their eyes. They were so soft, so touched, they had encountered a love and a presence that they'd never known before. This was the case with every patient I prayed for. They were all sweetly broken.


When I finished praying with one particular woman, she held her head up and looked into my face. Due to the burka that covered her head and face, the only thing that I could see were her eyes and the tears that rolled down them. She asked me, "Where are you from? You are too kind.....Is everybody from the U.S as kind as you?" And as tears continued to stream down her face she repeated, "You are like an angel, you are too kind, I've never met anyone like you before, you are too kind." I praise God that where my flesh fails, He is bigger and greater. If I merely obey and surrender myself as an empty vessel with nothing to offer unless He provides, He is faithful to fill me. If I merely agree to be His hands and feet, He will anoint me for the work He calls me to. In that particular clinic site, just days before we arrived, a Christian man was murdered by a mob of Muslims a few feet away from where we stood. And now, here we were, a group of American and Egyptian believers who had come to serve, and offer them everything we could give them in Christ. The village people feared retaliation for the murder, but we entered into their gates with love. They saw Jesus high and lifted up in us, they felt His love, and they heard of His sacrifice, and His forgiveness.


I praise the Lord for the things that He shares with us while we walk this earth. Sometimes He only gives us a glimpse of what He's doing. Much of the work in the Middle East can't be seen with physical eyes. But we know that He is doing something greater than we could see or explain. He is working "behind the scenes", and is always working in the spiritual realm. Though in this lifetime I may not be able to see or explain it, I rejoice in my Savior and I await the day that He brings all things to light. And His works become clearly visible for all men to see.


- Shana Ducros


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