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Mission Trips

Upcoming Trips

Church Sponsored Mission Trips - The church is actively looking for opportunities to go to both the foreign and domestic missions' fields. For short-term (1-2 weeks) extensions, we will bring groups to do open air preaching, church revivals, construction, medical missions, etc. We also join Pastor Shipp for pastor's conferences around the U.S. and in other countries.


Contact: Jeff Lee (225)-293-2222            



2019 Dates to be posted soon!!
Please see "The Saviour's Call" for more of Evangelist Jeff Lee's itinerary.



Testimonies 2013 & 14

Mission Trip Testimonies 2013

  • Myanmar (Burma) 2013

    March 25-April 2nd of this year Helena Torres, Teresa Tan, and myself traveled to the “Golden...

  • Eastern Europe 2013

    I must start out by saying, please pray for our fellow believers in the Balkans! What an...

  • Dominican 2013

    Oh how good the Lord is! This past Dominican trip we had nearly 60 people going to there to have...

  • Andes Mountains – Peru 2013

    I always count it such a privilege to share this wonderful gospel. I thank the Lord for such a...

  • Haiti 2013

    We would like to thank all the people that helped support us. God will bless you greatly. The...

  • Brooklyn, NY - Jewish Community 2013

    What a joy, privilege, and a blessing it was for my husband Bill and I to serve Yeshua, our...

  • Egypt 2013

    In April 2013, I had spent the past several months preparing to labor in Iraq. The Lord had...


Mission Trip Testimonies 2014

Israel 2014


Thanks for the prayers, support, and encouragement offered on behalf of my recent Israel trip. The Lord showed Himself mighty. Everything He enabled us to do there was truly amazing. We were able to minister in so many different areas and we were a blessing wherever we went. We were a team of 30+ and we were spread across that country ministering to so many in so many ways. Below is a summary of some of what I was able to do, some of the people I was able to minister to, and some of what I witnessed. (I’ve condensed the stories and made them concise)


Israeli soldiers: The IDF soldiers can only wear a certain color with their uniforms. We had bandanas made that matched their uniform color, with Psalm 91 written on it in Hebrew. Every time we came across a soldier we stopped to encourage them, let them know we were praying for them in the United States, thank them for their service and thank them for keeping us safe. And we gave them the bandanas as a gift. This really blessed them. When we looked back at one soldier, he had the bandana laid open on his vehicle and was reading it.


Golan Heights: We went up to the Golan Heights one day and were able to look directly into Iraq. While on top of that mountain we called our Iraqi brother and spoke with him over speakerphone. He told us how in one day 150,000 refugees showed up in his town after fleeing ISIS. Many of them were coming to Christ and once they did they were all praying for ISIS soldiers to come to Christ too. There was no anger or bitterness towards ISIS, only compassion and love. We then stretched our hands toward Iraq and prayed for the country and for our dear brother serving Christ under such dangerous conditions.  May God be glorified in Iraq and may all come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.


Women’s Conferences: We held a woman’s conference in the West Bank for about 30 Muslim women who were wives of top “militia” officials. The Lord really blessed it and their hearts were wide open to us. They opened up and shared their heartaches and tough life conditions. They confessed that they had never felt such love and hope as they had when they were with us. After giving them hand massages to break the ice, they confessed that they had never been touched so gently and lovingly before. We held another conference for single Jewish mothers. This was the first time we were ever able to do something with young Jewish women. It was blessed.


Holocaust dinner:  The Holocaust dinners were blessed. We saw many old friends from our dinners last year as well as some new friends. Many of our friends had come to faith in Christ. A quote from one of the holocaust survivors in attendance, “Everywhere we go in the world, people tell us that they hate us because we are Jews…but YOU travelled all the way across the world to tell us that you love us simply because we are Jews”


Four of our guys spent 2 days in the Negev desert with the Bedouin sheikhs of the Negev. They were able to serve these sheikhs and minister to them, revealing Christ through their lives. The sheikhs opened their doors and said that anytime we wanted to bring groups/teams we were more than welcome. This is the beginning of a new relationship that will open the doors for the gospel in the Negev amongst these Bedouin tribes.


Eyeglass clinics: I worked 2 days of eyeglass clinics in a west bank village. Resources were limited but we confessed that we lacked nothing in Christ. He would meet every need that walked through the door and He would heal despite our limited resources. Although it was simply an eyeglass clinic people came in confessing their needs. One woman sat down to have her eyes examined and she blurted out, “I need brain surgery and I have to travel to the United States for it, but I will not go because I am not able to.”  My immediate response “Let us pray for you.” I didn’t ask the details of her ailment, it didn’t matter. I sat next to her put one hand on her head and held her hand with my other hand. I prayed for her and she squeezed my hand as tight as she could, she just kept squeezing tighter.  And then I heard her gasp and take a deep breath like a breath of relief. When I was done praying she looked up to the translator with joy and a smile and she said, she felt something come over her body, she felt warmth and a peace. I don’t have the answers but I know that God touched her in a way I may not know in this life. He touched her and He answered that prayer in a way that will bring Him glory.

        On my second and final day of eyeglass clinics, a young deaf man came in at the end of the day. He didn’t need glasses but we asked to pray for Him because we felt led.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was strong as we prayed over him. I knew that it wasn’t culturally appropriate for me to touch him but I placed my hands over his ears and continued to pray. Tears began to stream down his eyes. And then the young Arab girls helping us in the clinic began to gather around and take photos of what we were doing. It became a huge spectacle and quite the distraction for the young man. Because of the problems this could potentially cause and because of the distractions, we stopped praying at that point and I walked out of the clinic with a heavy heart.  I went up to the rooftop and cried out to God. This village was so different from any other west bank village. The people were so open to hearing about Christ.  They heard the gospel and they confessed that they loved the story and would never forget it.  And up on the rooftop I believe the Lord told me that there was so much more He wanted to do amongst these people.  So I stayed on the rooftop interceding for this village. Praying that God would have His way, that He would awaken hearts and turn eyes to Him, that He would complete the work of healing in the deaf man and open His ears. And that He would be exalted in that village.  The Lord has a plan for that village and I can’t wait to see it unfold.   Some time after the incident as we were packing up clinics to leave for the night the deaf man approached my translator. He asked her where she was from, she replied Bethlehem (about an hour away from the village we were working in), he then asked what church she attended there. I’m not sure what she told him but he said that he was going to come to Bethlehem and find her church. He didn’t mean it in a threatening or scary way but the manner in which he said it was that he was going to come to the church because he knew he could find life there.


The Jesus Trail was beyond what words could explain. We hiked 40+ miles over 3 days from Nazareth to Galilee taking a path that many believe Jesus Himself would have taken. We walked through villages, wilderness, hiked up and down mountains, and walked the road not frequently travelled. The Lord was faithful to give us many divine appointments along the way, we were able to minister to people we would have never met otherwise.  And the Lord’s presence was so tangible. It was possibly one of the most life altering things I’ve ever done.


Our first night on the trail we slept in Cana, in a guesthouse. As we spiritually prepared for day 2, we were praying together as a group in the living room of the guesthouse. The owner of the guesthouse walked in and asked for prayer for her grandchild who was sick in the hospital.  We prayed and the Holy Spirit showed up. This is one of the testimonies of which we will never know how our prayers were answered but God still gets the glory!


On our second night we slept on a goat farm. There was a Jewish woman working the farm, she cooked our meals and served us. That night 2 of our men stayed awake to minister to her. They shared the word with her and answered whatever questions she had. The next morning before we left we thanked her for serving us and asked to pray for her. She had 2 prayer requests: her first was “for happiness,” her second was for healing in her body although she didn’t specify. The ladies gathered around and prayed for her.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was strong. She began to cry. It was obvious that the Lord had touched her heart and she would never be the same. She cried as we left.  She said that this was the first time she had ever cried about a group leaving, she said numerous groups had come through but this was the first time she had ever cried about one leaving. Her name was Hagar.


There was another woman working the goat farm as well. She was from Australia but had a British background. She was raised to be independent and wasn’t taught to believe in God. Her dad had recently passed and her mom was now mentally ill due to the trails of life.  I was able to minister to her and pray for her, I believe that God will reveal Himself to her and perhaps use Hagar in her life as well.


The Lord healed me on the trail. I was walking down a mountain on the final day. This was the toughest day physically, the path was very rocky and there was a lot of uphill and downhill. There were loose rocks and big rocks and no clear path to walk. I was walking down a winding steep hill. I stepped off a very large rock that was several inches off my next step. I landed on my ankle in a twisted position. I immediately sat on the ground in excruciating pain and it was obvious I wasn’t going to be able to stand again on that ankle. Some of the team was far ahead and the rest of the team was far behind. I began to wonder how I was going to get off this mountain and question how I was even going to finish the trail because it was impossible for me to walk now. There were two team members walking with me and they immediately came and laid hands on my ankle and prayed. I don’t think I have ever experienced an “instant healing” before so I prayed for God to help me in my unbelief if there was any. Within a few seconds all pain left and I was able to stand again! No pain, no tenderness, no swelling. A complete healing!  I was able to finish like I was new! And I finished strong!


Lastly, we met with an orthodox Jewish man one night for a dialogue (there’s a longer story behind this). And I walked away encouraged. He said that within the hearts of the Jewish people has been a stirring and a desire to be in God’s presence again. He said that there was an “awakening” amongst Jews. He said that Jews were seeking to worship again, like really worship, and that this was happening in the younger generation as well. That Jews are making worship songs and singing about desiring God. He said that this was something new that had never happened before. He said that they truly believed that the year of Messiah was near.  Now we know that Messiah has come. BUT how encouraging that HIS people are being stirred and awakened! He is doing a work in the hearts of Jews. He is preparing His people, the Jews. How encouraging for us to witness! And it stirs us, His church, to be awakened as well. To be watchful of the days we are living in, to know what He is doing throughout the earth, to know His will and to intercede according to it.


I believe with all of my heart that for every single person we met, their lives will never be the same again. Because when they met us, they encountered Christ.   I don’t say this in a naïve or emotional manner, numerous people we ministered to verbalized and confirmed this thought. We carry a treasure in earthen vessel and that treasure, that fragrance, that aroma was poured forth everywhere we went and upon every life we came across.   Through our words, our prayers, our touch, they encountered something that they’ve never experienced before. They live in a world of war, chaos, and turmoil.  But for a moment when they stepped into our presence that peace overflowed and surrounded them. They took note that we had a knowledge of God and that we had been with Him. And I believe that something in them was stirred. The hope for God, the desire to really know Him and to experience all that He offers.  I do not take for granted the act of praying for people and laying hands on them. Because I’ve come to learn that when we call upon Him, He shows up. Like really He draws near.  When we go to the Middle East, or wherever we may go we are literally His hands and His feet in this world. The ability to touch someone, to pray over them and have God come and touch them is humbling and beyond what I can comprehend. But we have a treasure in earthen vessel and I pray that He would be poured out of us everywhere we go…for His glory and for His kingdom.


God Bless,

 Shana Ducros


Northern Ireland, November 2014


We were so blessed by God to meet with Calvary Pentecostal Church in Newtownabbey, N. Ireland this past November. Pastor Shipp held a three-day mission, with four services.  The title given to the mission meetings was “Jesus Breaks Every Chain.”  He brought the church a message from the Lord that truly did “Break Every Chain.”   The church had been in weeks of fasting and prayer for this meeting and God spoke to them mightily. Pastor Lee shared about the thoughts God had toward us, of His great desire to reveal himself and be known by us, of His great love for them and our need to love Him. It was so often said “We’ve been taken to a deeper level where we’ve not gone before.”  One elderly Christian woman shared with me that she had spent the whole night following the service thanking God for His thoughts toward her and realizing what a great and loving God He was…she could not stop praising Him. The pastor shared that the following weekly prayer meeting was the most powerful they had ever had! Praise God for His presence. Thank you church for praying for the meeting. God answered with the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon the preaching. The church in Newtownabby thanks you also.


Carla Shipp



Northern Ireland, October 2014


What a wonderful thing to be part of a move of God. If we are sensitive, He will place us in the right place at the right time to proclaim what He wants to say int the way He wants to say it. The Lord orchestrated this trip to provide much encouragement and exhortation to the body of Christ in Northern Ireland. Those praying for healing received it. Young believers in the Lord were encouraged. The Lord used Jeff in a mighty way preaching the gospel message and exhorting the church to a deeper and closer walk with the Lord.  The Holy Spirit was able to plant seeds in hardened, lost souls. Continue to pray for the spiritual equipping of His servants in Northern Ireland, that the walls of man-made religion would come down in the country and that the Holy Spirit would have freedom to move and stir hearts towards salvation and a deeper and fuller walk with the Lord.


Alberto Depuy


Dominican Republic 2014


                  I was so encouraged as a believer in Jesus Christ on this trip to the Dominican Republic! As we “embarked” on our trip, God placed two thoughts in my mind while on the plane ride over there which were:

     1. Our lives as believers are to be a demonstration to prove Christ.


     2. We cannot boast in anything save the blood of Jesus


As it says in Isaiah 8:18, “Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion.” We are to be signs and wonders upon this earth in order to show forth the power of God. We are to be miraculous demonstrations to all those around us!


I was a witness as to how the Lord used each and every one of us on the trip to accomplish those two thoughts He placed within me and it was absolutely beautiful to see. The Lord moved in many miraculous ways. We had a VBS with the kids for three days as well as with the younger youth. With each passing day, it was so evident how the Lord was softening each and every heart from the youngest child to the oldest youth. By the end of the VBS, the majority of kids and many of the youth gave their hearts to Christ! One particular example of the Lord softening hearts was with a young youth who I was able to speak with every day. She came on the first day and immediately sat in the back of the room. I approached her and asked her if she wanted to move to the front where she would be able to see better because we were about to perform a skit. She replied “I do not even want to be here. I came with my cousin. So, no…I will stay in the back.” But every day, she opened up to me more and more, and by the end of the 3 days, she told me that she was glad she came with her cousin and that she was really touched by all that we had done there. AMEN! Glory to God! Many of these youth and children have and continue to grow up in terrible homes. However, it is amazing to see how the Lord touches the lives of even the hardest hearts. Hallelujah. What’s more, so many of the youth and children are now added into the Lamb’s Book of Life! What a reason to rejoice! Also, each child and youth were able to go home with a Bible in order to grow in the Word of God!


Another beautiful example as to what God did on this trip was when we went to one of the night services. Tito had just finished preaching a wonderful sermon and after the altar call, a couple approached our group and told us that they had given their hearts to the Lord 3 years ago in a plaza where we had preached and my mother (Jane Smith) gave her testimony. After that particular night 3 years ago, they started coming to the church we were working with on this trip and they have been serving the Lord ever since. WOW! WOW! WOW! Glory to God! It is amazing to see how God works behind closed doors!


Thank you all for your constant prayers while we were in the Dominican! Continue to pray for the lives of those who gave their hearts to Christ as well as those who are still lost. The trip was absolutely wonderful and we give all the glory to God, for there is nothing that we can boast in except for the blood of Jesus! God truly used every single person on the trip to be a miraculous demonstration and a sign to all those around us that nothing was done through our own strength, but it was all done through the power of GOD. Thank you all again for your prayers! AMEN! 


Rachel Smith



God’s Still God!


Matthew 28:19-20 “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe ALL things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”


We serve a God that is alive and well!! He is Almighty God, and He desires for His name to be known in all the earth! On July 22- 29, a group of us went to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We started off every morning by really seeking God as a group, and once we left the hotel, it was a full day of missions. We passed out tracts, shared the gospel 1-on-1, ran a VBS for the kids, preached in the church at nights, and then preached open air in the public parks.


The trip was incredible! It seems that since God blesses so many trips, that it is just a guarantee… that it will just happen; but that is not the case.  It required desperation and seeking God.  The prayers of the church at home were so evident and God answered in mighty ways! The devil attacked so much throughout the trip, especially at the beginning.  We had long airport delays, tons of lost luggage, hotel electricity out, and microphones and sound systems failing us as we tried to preach in the park; but that did not hinder the work of Almighty God! Our God laughed at the enemy, and showed His mighty right hand through it all!


So many of the kids’ hearts at VBS were stone cold the first day, and we cried out to God to soften their hearts.  The next day, it was evident that God was at work. He softened their hearts, and so many kids came to the front to publicly ask for salvation! By the last day, these once hard hearts were overflowing with joy! The children were singing so loud and their faces were covered with the most beautiful smiles, which came from their newly born-again hearts.  In the streets, we saw people coming to Christ and the vilest sinners so open to the gospel.  The Dominican church that we worked with was greatly encouraged as God used members of the group to pour into their lives!


Overall, this trip was amazing! God’s word went forth in power and many came to Christ! No credit went to us or to any other source, but Christ! God was at work- using the group in whatever ways He desired.  Our group was incredibly unified in the Lord, with such humility of heart that was displayed through each life.  The Christians from the Dominican were built up in the Lord, and our team was greatly encouraged in our walks with the Lord.


God wants us to know that the same awesome God on the foreign field is the same God at home! If we would seek Him with all of our hearts and be so God-focused at home, as when we are on a mission trip, we would see a mighty move of God in America! Preach the whole word of God- from cover to cover- and let God do the work that He desires in this generation! He, and He alone, has the power to save a dying world from hell.


Church, thank you so much for your prayers! And thank You so much, Heavenly Father, for the work that You, and You alone did on this trip. Let it never stop. Amen.


William Currier


Peru Pastor's Conference June 2014


...The time at the Conference was very special. The Word that the Lord brought ministered my life greatly, I have been challenged by God not to conform myself to what I know or I think I know of Him, but to grow and mainly in His love, His love for my life, His love manifested in actions, manifested in faith, manifested in every area. I will take time to listen again the messages because there is too much and I want to remember everything the Lord has spoken. The pastors returned to their churches very encouraged for the word received, we had many pastors from different areas of Lima and Callao. I am thankful for the visit of Pastor Lee, his wife and FNT church. We love you....

Jenny Bellido


Nebraska  June 2014


Thank you Church for your prayers for Nebraska Indian Reservation. What an amazing move of God on these 40 young people between the ages of 
15-24 years old. During the revival retreat we saw 8 Native Americans give their lives to Jesus and 5 people were baptized in the Holy Ghost!! Praise God!! These young folks came expecting The Lord to move in their lives and boy He sure did. The alters were full for long periods of weeping and rejoicing in the freedom of serving Jesus out of grace and Love and not works!!! We also had 2 Sunday services and 10 people came to Jesus during the services!!! Praise God He deserves all the praise and honor and glory!!!


Jeff Lee


Hungary/Germany 2014


My wife and I highly anticipated this years Missions trip with Pastor Lee into Hungary and Germany since we had gone with him and Carla last year to Eastern Europe and saw wonderful things take place. 

This years mission was to be different of course. Once arriving in Hungary we were to have a very full schedule with a Conference in Bekes, Hungary for several days. A Sunday AM church service to attend in Kecskemet, where Pastor Lee was to preach that service, and then onward back to Budapest for an evening Banquet hosted by FNT for area Pastors. 
The time we spent in Hungary was rich and encouraging to us. 


However, early the very next day we prepared for a very special assignment. We caught a plane in Budapest and flew into Berlin, then drove to Dresden for an especially planned supper that we were hosting for area Pastors to introduce them to The School of Christ. This was designed to that we might all fellowship with these men and women of God as well as build them up in what they were doing for Jesus in Dresden.

We had heard that this meeting might quite possibly be a hard situation, and that these Pastor's may very well be closed minded to what we were bringing to them.

But GOD absolutely surprised us! These men and women were so excited about what we were speaking to them. They were hungry for fellowship and we were so blessed to be there with them. 
The SOC leader from Poland told us all that he had personally prayed for this meeting to take place with the Germans for over EIGHT years. What an incredible answer to prayer and we were a part of it as were all of you who gave in offerings for us to be able to host this dinner.
Also, because of this night, we personally have formed friendships with two Pastors who were at our table. What a rich time we had in Dresden. 

Through this we have learned once again that we must never underestimate God, and His heart for the world and especially for His church.


Don Mahan


In May, our group of six traveled to Eastern Europe to minister to the pastors and churches in Hungary and East Germany. We began with a 2 day pastors conference in Tamas D.Nagy's home town of Bekecs at the church of his brother, Jozsef D.Nagy. Many of the pastors and their families whom we've met in previous years were in attendance but the message and work was quite different. Pastor Lee preached of the love of Christ for us, for the Body and each other, and for the lost that can only be imparted through God wrought trials and humbling in our lives. It produced a deep and sincere work of the Holy Spirit, with many testimonies of repentance and a need for this true love of Christ in their lives and in their churches. Before leaving Hungary, we held an appreciation dinner for many of the Hungarian pastors that we ministered to and worked with over the last several years. Many new relationships amongst the pastors were built and all were encouraged and blessed. We closed our European visit with a pastors dinner in Dresden, Germany, introducing the pastors of Germany to the work of the School of Christ in Poland, Hungary, and Serbia for the first time. God's sovereignty in arranging this dinner and the unity in the Holy Spirit was incredible as evidenced by the response to pastor Kristof's (Poland) testimony. Three of the pastors in attendance that minister to the Romas/Gypsies cried as Kristof shared how this meeting was a direct response to the prayer that he began praying 8 years ago. Their hearts were united and they began discussing immediately about how they might help to bring the School to east Germany.
Caleb Scherer







Myanmar (Burma) 2014


March 25-April 2nd of this year Helena Torres, Teresa Tan, and myself traveled to the “Golden Land.” Myanmar is nick-named this because as you fly over this country, the land is spectacled with golden pagodas, erected in honor Buddha and other spirits. This Southeast Asian country is sandwiched between two more popular countries, India and Thailand. For decades, the people of Myanmar have been tortured by a military run government who has become notorious in the UN for its human rights violations. Just recently, the borders have opened up a little bit more and international travel has been encouraged, but only to restricted areas. One of those areas is the Shan State.


God is doing a work in Shan State through three evangelists named Aung La, Onesimus, and  Somein’oo. Within this state live many isolated hill tribes who have never heard the gospel, let alone ever met a Christian or seen a Bible. With limited transportation, these three men have tried to reach out. Through Bring Good News missions organization, Helena, Teresa, and I were able to provide free medical clinics to these poor tribes, opening up friendly doors for the evangelists to come in and teach. We held clinic in 6 villages, the evangelists preaching outside or sharing with the leaders as we took care of patients. In every village we visited, we were welcomed, and the evangelists invited back to come and teach. We treated a total of 1,035 patients, and countless tribal people were saved. We were able to give Bibles to the village chiefs and a few others who could read. Teresa was sharing the 10 commandments to one village chief in particular, and as she told him that God commanded us not to have graven images (pointing to the Buddha shrine set up in his house) but to worship Him only. His reply? “Who is this God that we might worship Him?” The hunger was there for the one true God, but no one had ever told him about Yahweh before!


It was very encouraging to see many hear the gospel for the first time in Myanmar, but it was at the same time very weighing as I looked out over the harvest fields and knew we were only leaving behind 3 workers to harvest and disciple. Please pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers into these fields!


Thank you for your prayers, support, encouragement, and giving!


Ana M. DePuy


Honduras Veterinary Outreach 2014


Each year CVM (Christian Veterinary Mission) helps organize small group mission trips to places all over the world. The trips to Honduras are through HOI (Honduras Outreach International). A group of 15-18 people consisting of Christian veterinarians and veterinary students and sometimes their families spend two weeks providing veterinary care to the local villagers in the Olancho Valley. We do many dog & cat spays & neuters, horse castrations, pig castrations, deworming of all these species and sometimes wound care. Some of the other groups that go down deal more with cattle. We also work with the children while we are in each village and do outreach with them. We try to pray at the beginning of each work day and at the end of the work day we gather all the villagers and share the gospel and hand out Bibles. It is quite an experience and it's great to see God work during our visits. The people are very grateful that we come and help and they are a blessing to work with.



Northern Ireland Trip 2014


Pastor Lee arrived in N.Ireland to a busy schedule. His first Ministry was to The Peoples Church  Newtownabbey. He was accompanied by Pastor Terry Fittis and Buddy Elliott. The folk their were well Blessed and Encouraged by Pastor Lee’s Ministry and a young Man gave his Heart to the Lord and a backslider Restored Glory to God. Jeff Lee accompanied myself to Larne Elim Church where the folk there were well Blessed and encouraged by Jeff’s Ministry. Pastor Lee’s next Ministry was Coastal Gospel Outreach in Whitehead. All I can say – Awesome! The place was full and the Presence of God was Mighty! That was on the Saturday and Praise God for his Ministry to our Church Larne Elim on the Sunday Morning -  an amazing message and a Word in Season - Truly anointed Ministry. Pastor Lee and Pastor Terry then went Sunday Night to Green Pastures Ballymena where Pastor Lee preached two sermons. Again the Lord really Blessed Pastor’s Ministry. Jeff Lee, Buddy, and Matthew Lovell Blessed and encourged the folk in Larne Elim Church. Jeff Lee preached the Gospel with such Compassion, Praise God. Tuesday night Pastor Lee Ministered in Donacloney Elim and on Wednesday he was with Calvary Pentecostal Church. The Folk again Blessed and uplifted. Jeff Lee ministered in L.E.C on Wednesday night. Pastor Terry and I thank you so much for releasing your Pastor to Minister to us in N.Ireland we love your Pastor Carla & Family so much. The Folk in First New Testament Church are so Blessed your Pastor is an anointed man of God with a God given Passion and Zeal God Bless and continue to use him for the Glory of God. Also a big Thank you to Jeff Lee. Your Ministry was Brilliant Brother and I personally thank you for the Word you brought that Sunday Night and to you and Matthew and Buddy for your encouragement to my Family and our Church.


Sandra Fittis   Northern Ireland


Imparting Life




Aren't you glad your saved! When we are born of God, He imparts life to us. And not only life, but life abundantly. He said from your belly will flow rivers of living water. When you look at a river, everywhere that river flows there will be life all around it. I thank God for the opportunities He opens for FNT to travel all over the world, that He may bring life everywhere we go, because He is life and as He is so are we in this world! When Jesus ascended back to heaven He imparted gifts to men, some Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers to build up His church and reach the lost! As we were sent by God to N. Ireland we saw The Lord move through these gifts to impart life to all who were present in the meetings! We saw many believers that we're struggling with personal things in their life, and the Lord brought His word and met them right where they were. Many testimonies of people in one of the meetings Pastor Lee was preaching was, "Wow we have seen Jesus in a way we’ve never seen"! In another meeting, people said, "We have tasted something like never before!"  Oh taste and see that The Lord is good!   Believers were saying, "I've been changed!" In another meeting Pastor Lee was preaching, a lost man was present and after service he testified " I have tried to commit suicide in the past and was unsuccessful and tonight I bought enough drugs to take my life. A friend called me and invited me to this meeting and I came, and I want to give my life to Jesus!” Praise God these meetings were divine appointments. In a meeting I was preaching, a women came and prayed for her son who had been contemplating suicide. The next day he called her and said he was not going to do it and she was able to share Jesus with him! We saw life go out into all the believers in these meetings, some baptized in the Holy Ghost and fresh refilling!! Faith is what Jesus is always increasing in His children to bring more life, and faith sure came to those who sat under the power of His word!! So much to say, but not enough room.




Church thank you for your Love for Jesus and your love for your neighbor! Keep preaching the Gospel and keep praying for missions here, there, and everywhere .







Panama Mission Trip 2014


On February 16-24 approximately 30 people from First New Testament Church travelled to David, Panama. Throughout this trip we held medical clinics, did door-to-door evangelism, constructed over half of 4 Sunday school rooms, and hosted a vacation Bible School. The construction team and Vacation Bible School were held at the local church in David. Throughout the trip, God truly blessed our time with the local church & translators. It is always such a testimony of God when two completely different cultures, from two different countries, speaking two different languages, come together as the Body of Christ and preach the gospel in unity. The only thing these two groups of people have in common is that they serve Jesus Christ and that is more than enough for people to lay down their pride and serve in the capacity that is needed.


On the last day of the trip, I had planned to go out with the evangelism team as I had done the days before, but God had different plans. I was told at breakfast that I would be ministering to the children at the Vacation Bible School in roughly one hour. I was a little bit nervous that I didn’t have time to prepare for this, but over the next hour God began to show me what He wanted to say to these children. God wanted to convey to these children that they are imperative to the Body of Christ now. God demonstrated this to the kids through the story of David and Goliath. When Samuel was lead by God to anoint one of Jesse’s sons, David wasn’t even brought before him as an option. David was left to tend the sheep because he wasn’t qualified yet. He was too small, and he was not the best option to the physical eye. But, as we know, God uses the weak. So, Samuel seeks out David and anoints him to be King. God didn’t stop there; He then used David to defeat the biggest giant in the land. Through this illustration, God showed the kids that the time for them to be used is now and they are not too small or too insignificant. During this time, God really made an impression on the kids that were in attendance and at the end of the lesson approximately 10 kids gave their heart to Christ.


Throughout the entire trip, God moved in Panama and touched the hearts of many people. It is through God’s grace that we travel this world to preach the gospel and it is through His grace that he touches the heart of all people.



 -Grant Murphy




Our time in Panama was very busy and fruitful. Everyone on the team worked so hard and never complained. It seemed as if we had been working together as a team for many years with experience. But I know that was the Lord and that is how He works when we are submitted to Him.


We held medical clinics for 4 days in two different locations. The medical team consisted of 2 physicians, 2-3 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 1 physical therapist, and 1 occupational therapist. The first clinic was held in Ngobe territory at a church site located approximately 1 mile off the main road in the hills. We had to hike to the church where the local Indians were waiting for us to receive medical care. Many of them were local believers, but some were not. We saw many children with intestinal worms and older adults with arthritis from physical wear and tear to their bodies.  We gave them medicines, vitamins, and gospel tracts. We were also able to share the gospel with all and pray with many for healing. They were very grateful and appreciative for us serving them.


For the three other clinic days we served the community of Quiteno. This community is very poor and lacks proper medical services. One physician comes to the clinic once a month while a medical technician sees patients twice a week. This community is limited to only receiving certain medicines that are distributed to them once a month. We treated a wide range of people throughout the 3 days. We saw children of all ages, mothers, fathers, and the elderly. There were many with neck and back injuries so the therapists on our team did a good bit of teaching proper body mechanics and self stretching. Our team physicians treated and educated many families on proper nutrition and care for the children and elderly. During waiting times, the people heard several of the team members share their testimonies and give the gospel message. The people were very attentive and several prayed for salvation.


On the last day of clinic we treated an older man who suffered injuries to his neck and back from years of working in a banana plantation. As we were stretching his neck and back he began asking us some questions. He wanted to know when we were coming back and if we were a big organization. I told him how we were a small church and that this was our first time here. I said I didn’t know when we were coming back. He said that he wanted to give us a big welcome next time we come. He thanked us so much for what we were doing and how we were serving. He said that he has seen several groups and organizations come thru here to help, but said that we were different. He went on to describe something interesting.  He said: “Do you know how when you approach a river you see several trees, plants, and flowers growing next to it? As you get close to the river, you notice how bright and colorful these plants are. You also notice what a sweet aroma these plants and flowers give off. Well this is how I see you guys. You know how the book of Psalms talks about being planted near the river and that we should be planted in Christ. I see how you guys are like these river plants/flowers that are planted in Christ. I can see that you are not doing these things for your own good works or to gain something but that you are doing this for Christ.” Wow! We were so surprised at how this man spoke about us. He had only been with us for maybe an hour or so but during that short amount of time he was able to see Christ!


Throughout our time in Panama the group prayed everyday asking the Lord to show Himself thru us with the children, construction team, evangelism team, and medical team. We didn’t do anything special or different. We just followed and obeyed as the Lord led us. And for that He was faithful and showed Himself to the people. We praise Him for working thru weak, simple servants!


Maria Hudson



It's amazing how God brings forth the laborers for His work and begins to prepare each one.  He began about a month prior, bringing me to a place of humility, which led to prayer and fasting.  He brought me to Is 57:15 “For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.” This process of humility was not easy.  It was full of pain and confusion.  Only in this humility was I teachable.  I saw my own heart as corrupt and in disorder, bringing me to a penitent heart, full of remorse.  1 Peter 5:5 & 6 says: ....Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble.  Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.”  When my prideful heart turned to humility, God was able to mold me into someone He could use, someone that would hear and obey Him. He was able to clothe me in the righteousness of Christ Jesus rather than my own self-righteousness!  In due time, God lifted me up for His glory!  He then could use me for His work on the streets of Quinteno, Panama.

Our daily team prayer before we left for Panama, and daily as we met for devotion and prayer in Panama, was that we would be removed and that Jesus Christ would be seen, even after we left.  As we were led by the Holy Spirit, His presence was with us as we walked among the streets which were full of skepticism.  Other groups had come and talked about their religion, only wanting people to just come to church.  Some closed their doors refusing to hear, and some just didn't answer.  What was so amazing was that God was in control!  Every open door received a touch from God; either encouraged in their faith, seeds planted and watered, or salvation which came by the truth of God's Word spoken into their lives.  

In one home, there was a young father in his early 30's and his mom, who proudly confessed that she was Catholic.  When we began to share the love of Christ, the hope of Jesus Christ and what He had done in our lives, they could see something different in us, something alive!  That something was Jesus Christ in us, the Hope of Glory!  Towards the end of our conversation, the mom humbly confessed, with tears in her eyes, that if she died, she did not know if she would be in heaven or not. She wanted to know this Jesus we knew and have this joy and hope that we had.  She and her son came to repentance and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior that day.  This family was one of many who received the free gift of salvation that only comes from The Father.  The Holy Ghost moved upon those that were open and eager to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  There were many divine appointments hungry for the true Word of God, open to the invitation of eternal life, with several teenagers and young mothers being saved that week. 

The work of God did not end in our goodbyes, for He had given the local church a heart to continue to disciple the newly professed children of God.  They took their name and number so that they could contact them later to encourage them in their walk with Christ and disciple them in their homes. 

None of this was about us, but a Holy God who loves us more than life.  John 3:16 says  “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  By the grace of God, we brought the good news of Jesus Christ, and by the grace of God those that called upon the name of The Lord were saved and God receives His glory!  Hallelujah!


 Marcelle Nipper



We came to the construction site at the church to help build 4 classrooms, thinking we would get something accomplished in our own strength, but The Lord humbled us to be servants to the Panamanian workers.  This was living the Word of God in Ephesians 6:5-7.  In turn, the respect we gave them enabled us to share our faith with the unbelievers and encourage the head contractor and our interpreter in their faith and walk with The Lord.  The Lord gave us great grace and the class rooms were nearly completed by the time we left.


When evangelizing in the streets at the beginning, many people were skeptical of us because so many other groups had come bringing religion and wanting them to just come to their church.  But, when we just shared the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of Christ, they were very receptive.  Many seeds were planted and watered, and many came to salvation. What great power in the word of God.


During our night services, God used our testimonies and the preaching of the Word of God to encourage and edify the body of Christ.  You could see the Holy Spirit at work in many hearts as the young and old moved into the altars seeking God.  Many were blessed as we prayed over them, showing the love of Christ.  It was a blessing to see the work of God in the community, souls being saved, lives being touched, and to know that He who started the work, will complete it. All glory to God!


Bill Nipper


Isaiah 55:11 "So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth: It shall not return unto me void, but shall accomplish what I please, and shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."


The Spirit of God moved so mightily upon so many in the clinics. As we gave our testimonies, treated their sicknesses and prayed for them, the Lord healed broken hearts and gave hope to the lost. Rodolfo a man with cerebral palsy, who came to the clinic, was an obvious victim of abuse, distress and fear. He came in crying and wanted something for his stomach. He left smiling, free and healed with a new heart and new life. Cecilia broke in tears as she heard Ashley's testimony, and gave her life to Jesus that day. The church said that they learned so much from our group. They saw the unity, the power, the love and the true life of Christ witnessed through our own lives on this trip. All glory to God that His Word accomplished what pleased Him. Amen!


Patricia Benoit and Margaret DePuy


 Elijah gathered all the Israelites together and challenged the gods of Baal, but their god could not answer.  1 Kings 18:36-37 Elijah prayed to the Lord, “let it be known this day that You are God in Israel and I am Your servant, and that I have done all these things at Your word.  Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that You are the Lord God, and that You have turned their hearts back to You again.” Elijah didn’t call upon God for water, but fire. The people needed rain for their land, but their hearts needed redemption!  And then came the rain.  The Lord had spoken this to me prior to the trip and it was unveiled throughout the week just why He had sent us.  The people of the city of David, Panama, needed to see the one true God!  Initially, the people were very resistant, not sure of what message we were bringing, but the testimony ringing through the community by the end of the week was how different we were and how they could really see Jesus! A precious elderly lady came to the medical clinic withdrawn and heavy burdened, she received Christ and left the clinic with joy and full of Jesus.  Another man’s testimony at the clinic was described like this…. “When you go up to the mountains, you can find a beautiful flower planted by the river, it is colorful, vibrant, and has a sweet aroma. This is how I see Christ working through your lives.”  2 Corinthians 2:15, “For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.”  Amen!  I just want to praise Him and thank Him for using us to reach the people of Panama!


All glory to God, 


Ashley Robbins


Thank you church for your many prayers and giving to the Lord for this trip, is was a true blessing to be a part of the work of God around the world!!!!!


Testimonies 2015 & 2016


Mission Trip Testimonies

Dominican Republic - November 2015


We’re so thankful to have had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic. Initially when we were asked if we wanted to be a part, we weren’t sure if it would even be possible. Neither of us had passports. We weren’t sure where the finances would come from. Being able to take off work for ten days was a long shot, and we had one month to arrange everything. Immediately, we asked the Lord to cause everything to fall into place if it was His will for us to go and to shut it down if it wasn’t. We managed to get our passports in two days! Within a week, the finances were taken care of, and somehow we were able to get off work for ten whole days! We figured that meant the Lord wanted us to go!


The Lord divinely orchestrated every little detail from beginning to end, whether it was something as simple as blessing us with an evangelist to shuttle us to our hotel, providing us a way to get from Nagua to Punta Rucia when we had no idea how we were getting there, or to place us in the pathway of a pastor and his wife who had been praying for Bibles for their congregation. Thousands of tracts were handed out and three hundred Bibles were distributed in all.


We’ve never been a part of open air preaching before. It was so incredible to actually see the Lord drawing men, women, and children. When we would begin, there may be a handful of people standing around, but as the gospel was preached, people would come out of their houses and listen, and many responded, whether for salvation or for simple prayer. Many were prayed for. Many were shown the love of Christ. Many heard the simple gospel, and we’re trusting in the Lord that many were saved. Isaiah 55:11, “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it will accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”


It was such a blessing to really get to know Jeff, Tammy, Aaron, Sierra, and Megan and to have had the occasion to serve the Lord with them. Our eyes were opened to what it’s really like to be on the mission field and how dependent Jeff and Tammy are on the Lord and how desperately they need our prayers. We can’t thank FNT enough for all your prayers. It’s an honor to be a part of such a loving body, and it is such a comfort to know that when we hear, “We’re praying for you,” you truly are praying.


Rafe & Karla Mayers


Poland/Germany - November 2015


When we arrived in Poland, we saw such a great desperation in the people. They had fasted and prayed, but this desperation was different. The way they talked, it was the desperation of a man going into major surgery, hoping to be made well and not to die. With this atmosphere, we began the meetings and prayed that the Lord would come as the great physician and heal His church. After the first night, we believed we had spoken what God wanted, but He was greatly hindered from moving by the people…many serious issues. The next day we were amazed to watch God pull back every veil that these people were hiding behind and so reveal the life that He wants them to live. He showed them how they were killing the church. The Lord convinced them of the reason for so much spiritual death and why many people were leaving the church. God just showed His grace. There wasn’t a great response, but it appeared that they were in shock. It was wonderful because they knew God was showing them these things. They were really thinking about and were affected in a very deep way. We rejoiced because the night before I had been up from 2 am seeking for God to show me what to do. He just really did it! One pastor asked me, “How do you preach with such strong conviction, but with such an overwhelming love that can’t be resisted? We know God is speaking to us!” Praise God for your intercessions and prayers. There would be no testimony if it weren’t for your praying.


The next day brought a very important confirmation to us to let us know that we were walking in the Holy Ghost. A couple of people testified saying that it felt as though God had done major surgery on them and had healed their hearts – amen! I will attempt to tell you what the Holy Ghost did that night in the Spirit. As I preached on “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear,” I told them that we should have churches without fear. I dealt with the fact that it is the minister who is holding the people back in fear from going on in the Lord. Well, the Holy Ghost did a marvel from 1 John 4. I started declaring the freedom that every one of God’s children has and that they belong to the Lord and not the church. I declared that God gave them His Son that they might live and how Jesus set us free by His grace to be free children of Goad and declared their freedom from fear and so forth – Oh my did God move!  We had not had an altar service yet because they didn’t normally do that, but the people started moving into the altar wanting this freedom and crying out with great joy.  Very few pastors came to the altar and were very hard, but the children, men, and women, old and young, came to Jesus to be apostles of love to their churches and countries. It was amazing! Oh how our prayers have been answered. I have no words to describe what things Jesus had done.  So many testified saying, “ I saw in spirit what he was preaching. I could see it by revelation in my Spirit and in the Word. I am free!”


By the end of the meetings, several pastors and leaders expressed to me their desire to know Jesus in this way and to lead the people with His love. Thank you for your prayers!


I also want to thank Bro. Paul Perez and Bro. Jeremy Prochaska for ministering in the power of the Spirit. We were preaching together, unified through His message. These men and Jordan Shipp were a tremendous blessing to me and to the churches and pastors.


Lee Shipp


Columbia - October 2015

Pastor Shedrick Winfield and Pastor Jared Jenkins traveled on Saturday, October 10th to Cartegena, Columbia where I was to join them a few days following. They each were able to minister to the local churches on Sunday and were greatly used of God to prepare the hearts of the people for our Leaders’ Conference.


We experienced awesome meetings, truly filled with miracles and power. Thank you so much for interceding for this trip. Praise God – God’s grace has set so many free! I am just so humbled to watch God create such wonders. On one particular night, the meeting was filled with glory. The Holy Ghost fell with such power and healing – people were rejoicing. Over three hundred leaders came and they were weeping with joy unto the Lord, confessing that they would never be the same, saying that God had sent His word to them and healed them. Praise God! Thank you for your prayers church. The Lord is opening many doors for ministry in this country.


Lee Shipp



Shalom Brooklyn Outreach -2015


Mission Team: Bill and Marcelle Nipper, Shana Ducros, Jackie Welch


Although Bill and I had been a part of the Shalom Brooklyn Outreach with Chosen People Ministries two years ago, we were not prepared for the oppression, the hardened hearts, the verbal abuse and those that deliberately avoided, shunned and mocked us  so openly.  We experienced this before, but not to this extreme.  As we walked in the park where we were witnessing, we began asking God, what are you showing us?  What are you teaching us?  God began to show us that this same persecution, abuse and mockery was also towards our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, yet he poured out his love towards the Jewish people.  The same blind eyes and deaf ears when Jesus walked this earth, continue to exist and only the Holy Spirit can convict and turn hearts towards their own Jewish Messiah.  The Jewish people have been taught for decades that it was the Christians that persecuted them, killed them in the name of Christ, and tried to annihilate them in the holocaust.  What was He teaching us – but to love despite persecution.


We prayed for a break through and just for someone to be curious enough about the Hebrew passage of Isaiah 53, to ask questions and stay in conversation long enough for us to share the gospel. The prophet Isaiah not only prophesied the coming of Yeshua, Jesus, but  the gospel of our Lord and Savior.  We knew God had called us for such times as these, as willing vessels to serve Him and reach the lost.  We continued to pass out tracts and talk to whomever was willing, because we knew that God was sovereign, and He would complete what He had started.  He had called us to plant seeds and to water, and we were trusting Him to bring the increase.


Rom 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek (Gentile).”  Towards the end, God brought a Spanish man to our book table and I was able to share the gospel with him.  He had been in prison and said that he had done horrible things to people, as a result, was suffering with depression, anxiety, and sleepless nights.  He knew he needed a savior and believed everything that I had told him about Jesus, but his one hesitation was that he would go back to his old ways and he didn’t want to do that.  He asked me if I had a church that could pray for him and I said yes.  He wanted us to pray that he would come to trust and believe that Jesus was his Lord and Savior.  Upon returning home, I called him to check on him and he kept saying “Wow!” “You called me?!” “Thank you so much!”  He couldn’t believe someone really cared.  He then told me that someone with Chosen People Ministries had already contacted him and he would be going to Times Square Church on Sunday and going to another meeting that Tuesday!  He thanked me again saying, “You have changed my life.”  I assured him that it wasn’t me, but The Lord who is mighty to save.  That same day a Chinese lady who had fallen into difficult times and lost all she owned, now living in a shelter, came up to me because she had been reading the Bible.  She understood the message of Christ and believed it, but before she would commit her life to Him, she had so many questions.  She was confused with certain passages in the scriptures and was looking for answers.  I sat down with her for over an hour until we had to go.  Before we left, she told me that she had been in the park and asked many people for help.  She said that some of the people were very arrogant with her, some did not want to take the time with her, and some just filled her with lies.  She said that I was the only person that took the time to share truth with her with a sincere heart.  Only the Holy Spirit could use me to impart wisdom and show her the truth in the words that I spoke!  All glory to God who draws all men unto Himself!


God is faithful!  At the end of the first week of Shalom Brooklyn Outreach, 74 contact cards were written up for those wanting to know more about Jesus, 35 of them were Jewish and there were 15 salvations.  This ministry is open to all believers who have a heart for the Jewish people.  Please continue to keep His chosen people in prayer and pray for the peace and protection of Israel.                                        Marcelle Nipper




2015 Israel 

We are so thankful for your prayers and support for our recent trip to Israel. We were greatly blessed to be with Brother Marwan Beem and his family. They are faithfully laboring amount the churches in Israel and need our continued prayers. The team from FNT, (ourselves, Ralph Boe, Steven Lagarrique, and Sam Muhammed, who the Lord would have different plans for), joined with Pastor McGehee and his wife, Marlena, Homer and Gena Boiles, their son Sean, Pastor Jarred Jenkins and Pastor Daren Downs. We would spend several days getting to know the land and the people and meeting with several pastors and churches. We prayed the Lord would reveal His purposes in sending us and lead us in His will as we ministered. I believe He spoke very significant things to our hearts and gave us precious opportunities to meet, minister to, and fellowship with the Body of Christ in Israel.
Our first meeting was with a Spirit-filled Evangelical Baptist church. Bro. Daren Downs preached a powerful message on the Gate of Manasseh and forgiveness. It ministered to us greatly and to the church. The altar time at the end was anointed and we prayed for two ladies that were believers, but greatly oppressed by the devil. God ministered to them greatly. We then went to the pastor's home, had a wonderful meal of roasted chicken, beef and many bowls of hummus, dips, salads, etc and pita bread. the pastor and his family were wonderful and we were able to fellowship together, to speak into The pastor's life and encourage him, and to be encouraged by them as well. 
Friday night we were able to join with a messianic- Jewish fellowship for their service. Bro. Curtis shared briefly and we were blessed to see their ministry among Jewish believers.
Ministry on this trip was different than any trip before. Lee shared that he was moved by how fragile all the different cultures and religions are in that part of the world and how the presence of every enemy and despiser of Israel saturates the whole nation. That whole world could become unraveled in a moment and the only hope to that darkness is the Holy Ghost demonstrating the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have seen how to pray more effectively for these and have been given greater compassion for the people of God in the nation of Israel. 

During our visit we were able to see many Biblical locations, places Jesus ministered and suffered to fulfill His Father's will. We had several visits to the Sea of Galilee. What stayed with me the most from those sites was the close proximity of each location where Jesus ministered. I could see Jesus walking from place to place, crowds following, others seeing Him coming from a distance and running to meet him. What excitement there must have been among the people! Lee mentioned that he could imagine as Jesus watched His disciples toil on the sea and His walking out to meet them. We would also spend time in Jerusalem, so blessed with a visit to the Garden of Gethsemene, the Mount of Olives, Golgotha, and the empty tomb! 
While at the Wailing Wall (which was the nearest spot to the Holy of Holies that was available to the Jews ) watching the people pray before it and place their prayers in crevices of rock, I began to sing this song..."now I can go, into the Holy of Holies, I can kneel and make my petitions known, I can go, into the Holy of Holies, and although I'm just a common man, because of God's redemption plan, I can boldly approach the throne." I'm so thankful for the Blood of Jesus! The people would back away from the wall and not turn their backs because they didn't want to turn their backs on God...I'm so glad that physically that can not be done because he is around me, before me, beside me, behind me, above me...everywhere present. Only with my heart do I turn from God...that is what the Jews did in rejecting their Messiah. 
After the visit to the temple institute I also thought on the passages in Romans that speak of the branches being broken off because of unbelief and those grafted in because of faith. "Boast not against the branches." I must pray for the salvation of the Jews! 
Though captivated by the history, beauty and fulfillment of God's prophecy in this land, His presence in the churches and the love of Christ among His people were the greatest things we beheld. We would experience this on Sunday. What a blessed day! Bro. Curtis and others went on to Jerusalem where they ministered in a church there. We went to Nazareth to the church of the Nazarene. It was packed, a wonderful group of believers! This was a Spirit-filled church, full of the love and joy of the Lord, active in evangelism among the Arabs, Jews, and Muslims. The Lord anointed the message to bring great encouragement and strengthening. There was much rejoicing and the Lord touched many people, including the pastor. He was greatly encouraged. Lee shared of God's commitment of love and His refusal to abandon them. The people said, " the Lord shook the city of Nazareth through the preaching that day!" Praise God! 
We sat with the pastor and his wife in their home following the service and were blessed to learn more of the mighty work that God is doing there. They are truly motivated by the love of God and have a real outreach in their community and other areas, including refugee camps in Jordan. They run a school which is made up of half Muslim children and are able to share the gospel there as well.

Our last visit was in the town of Ramla to meet with a church there. We went to the pastors house for a wonderful time of fellowship before and after the service. Bro. Jarod preached a Word from the Lord. God had truly spoken to him and he delivered an encouragement to "get to the other side!" A young girl gave her life to Christ that night. We also prayed for many and were asked to continue praying. We were blessed to join them in worship. They are truly a precious group of believers with the love of Christ evident among them. 

We thank the Lord for this opportunity and for your support. We pray He continues to use us as a body to minister to the nation of Israel and the Body of Christ there that we were blessed to meet.


Carla Shipp





The Israel trip started on July 26 and we arrived in Israel on July 27.  We flew into Tel Aviv and stayed in Haifa for several nights and stayed two nights in Bethlehem.  We left Israel on Aug 6 and arrived home on Aug 7.  Lee, Carla, Stephen, and I were blessed to have gone on this trip.  Unfortunately, Sam was turn back as we entered Israel and had to return home on July 28.  We were joined by Curtis and Marlena McGehee, Darren Downs, Gerard Jenkins, plus 3 members of Curtis’ church; Homer, Gina, and Sean.  Marwan Beem was our contact and guide for trip.


Some of the sites we visited included: Elijah’s cave (where he lived for a time), Cana, Nazareth, Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Valley of Armageddon, Megiddo, Jerusalem, the valley where David slew Goliath, and Ashdod.  Although we did not visit Tiberius we saw it from across the Sea of Galilee. We sailed on the Sea of Galilee but nobody tried to walk on the water.  While in Jerusalem we saw the Old City Walls, the temple mount, the Mt. of Olive, Garden of Gethsemane, the Western Wall, first century roads of Jerusalem, two synagogues in the Old City, the Garden Tomb, and walked through the Damascus Gate.  We also visited the Temple Institute in the Old City.


Pastor Beem pastors his own church and helps pastors in several churches in Israel.  Pastor Darren, Gerard and Lee preached at three different Arab believer churches and we visited a Jewish believer church.  Pastor Lee preached at the Church of The Nazarene in Nazareth.  He taught that the trials in our lives are to develop our faith and that Jesus will never leave or forsake us.  Don’t let Satan steal your miracle.  We should expect signs and wonders to follow us and then God will be known in the Land and people will know that we are different.  He finished the teaching with Psalm 91 where we find that “God is our refuge and fortress…”


We rested one afternoon at Pastor Beem’s church in Shefar Am.  This is where the Lord revealed to me that our body is to help and invest in the body in Israel.  A few days later we were treated to an Arab BBQ, with all the trimmings (the salads were awesome).  The hospitality we felt from the pastors, their wives and children, and church members was sensational – it was the Body of Christ ministering to the Body of Christ!!


Ralph Boe’




Thank you all for praying for the Hungary Trip. The team was made up of myself, Jordan Shipp, Pastor Curtis McGehee, and Jason McGehee. Our meetings started Wednesday evening with two services, then would continue with two services each morning, one after lunch, and a service in the evening from Thursday – Saturday afternoon. Bro. Curtis and I will also preached in local churches on Sunday morning.


Bro. Curtis was a tremendous blessing to me in these meetings. God used him mightily to bring a living Word into the services and into people’s lives.


Wednesday evening was truly blessed by the Lord. I had discerned that there was a great spirit of depression and trouble in the people and so I began the services by dealing with that, explaining to them
that everything had to be removed that was separating us from God and to overcome every attack the devil has brought against us which was keeping us from resting in the Lord and from believing God to move in our midst. Many of the people came forward admitting to that trouble and that depression! We had an amazing time of intercession and all the walls just broke down. It was one of the most unusual moves of God.  I then preached on the joy of the Holy Ghost, His comfort for us, and the intimacy that he wants us to have with Jesus. It was very blessed. The people were greatly moved and it was a different spirit on the people then how they originally came ... Many filled with the Holy Ghost that night!  Amen!


Thursday morning we had an excellent service. I preached on “What does Pentecost look like in the Church and in the Believer” and it was very simple, but it was really blessed. About 30 people came up to pray for the baptism in the Holy Ghost and many received. Many others would receive later in the meetings.


I was preaching on the Holy Ghost power and God’s ability to speak to us and deliver us from problems. A lady came up to me that day and said that she had suffered from a 40 year burden that God had put on her. Her husband was the head of all Pentecostals in Hungry.  They had opened their home to many pastors and visitors from around the world and she would ask everyone to help her with her burden ... tell her what should she do. For 40 years she was never helped. God gave me only 10 minutes with her to tell me her burden, her story, and I prayed in the Holy Ghost.  God gave me about two sentences that totally set her free! It was so amazing! God did it! He just showed me the answer in the Spirit and I told her. 
Her face lit up and she said, “My heart is so free and light. I understand for the first time in 40 years!”
Now only God could do that!  I take no credit for it, but just glorify what God was able to do through our lives by His Spirit.


Bro. Curtis preached a beautiful message that night and there was a wonderful presence of the Lord. So many were blessed and ministered to, giving testimony to how God spoke directly into their lives.


The next day I sensed that the Devil had really intensified his presence and efforts of robbing us from the blessings of God by attempting to get us in the flesh. The battle was already won, but it was a very hard time and a very real attack.  There were so many things that happened. ... First of all we were meeting with all the Pentecostals, which also includes many charismatics... some of whom were in the laughter movement. A couple of them tried to start something Friday night but couldn't. Last night some ladies tried to bring the laughter movement into the altar. The pastors did not want to stop it for fear of offending. I felt unction to rebuke it and the spirit of it by prayer. I pled the blood of Jesus and claimed the altar for God. In prayer, I pronounced that this altar was Holy unto the Lord and told the Lord that I knew He would not share the Altar with an unholy spirit. Immediately the laughter stopped.
Now I did not pronounce this publicly, but in prayer to God. The laughter stopped immediately and did not come back in any of the services! As a matter of fact those very ladies were weeping peacefully before the Lord in repentance.  Amen!


Saturday night brought an amazing breakthrough. It was so powerful! I didn't open a note or anything. God just spoke right through me. He moved, He healed, He delivered, He filled so many with the Holy Ghost that were seeking! I don't know what to say, it was just an absolutely joyful and exciting thing to watch God be God!

Here are a few testimonies from the campmeeting and conference.
Many works of God were being testified of ... Many so blessed with the ministry and how God had spoken into their lives. Many direct conflicts and confusions were given answers and the power and desire to walk with God confidently - amen, this is the work of God!

Some churches and pastors were delivered from error and given the boldness to break away from their groups which are teaching false doctrines (Latter day rain teachings). They claimed they had seen the beauty of the Word of God and will lead their churches in the truth of God’s Word. Amen!

During the first night when the Lord showed me that he wanted to break that bondage over his people before we had any preaching, a man confessed that he was set free from 63 years of depression- what a miracle!
A woman abused terribly by her alcoholic husband, being beaten, strangled, attacked with knives for 40 years, unable to go on any more, said yes to Jesus and was set free from hate and filled with love and forgiveness- wow! Bro Curtis’ messages really contributed to bringing deliverance into her life.


The last service Sunday was wonderful. The Lord showed me just before the service what to say
He showed me there were many tormented of the devil and He desired to deliver them
I preached on the woman with the issue of blood. It was very powerful ... My interpreter broke down a few times crying, but was able to continue. The altars we're full and many people testified to actually feeling spirits of torment and fear leaving them. The church was very blessed and full of praise to God!

This was one of the hardest missions I can remember being on. It was so intense. Nothing came easy. 
Everything demanded a fight and complete attention.  We were exhausted. It's just so amazing to watch God be God, but it would not have happened without all the prayers and believing the Lord to move mightily.  Thank you so much   Lee Shipp



Dominican Republic June-2015




 “The Bible is designed to help you understand the ways of God.  Then, when God starts to use your life in the same way He worked in Scripture, you’ll recognize that it’s God who’s at work.” 1




From the day we began, God moved and He used each and every person from ministering the gospel, through medical clinics, open air preaching, door to door ministry, children’s ministry, young women and ladies' classes and human trafficking awareness.


The work of God began to unfold before my very eyes that Monday as I began to invite the ladies to a class that morning.  Three times a lady kept avoiding an encounter with me.  I kept seeing the back of her at every corner, until unbeknownst to me, the door of the very last house I knocked on, she appeared and said she would come to the class.  After class, she wanted to speak privately and shared some of her life with us.  Upon sharing the gospel, she gave her life to Christ and wanted to be baptized.  I did not realize this woman was avoiding me until she told me later.  This was a divine appointment of God, as this lady was drawn by The Father to Christ.  Jesus wanted to deliver and set this woman free from evil spirits within her and her home, and He did!  At the time of deliverance, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that as the young boy who had suffered demon possession in the scriptures, was delivered, Jesus would deliver her.


That evening we had open air preaching.  It had not rained in months, and all of a sudden there appeared very dark thunder clouds and wind, rain ready to burst through at any moment.  Several of us in faith began to reach to the heavens with our voices and hands, asking God to keep the rain from us so that the truth of His Word could go forth and souls would be saved, as children mocked on the sidelines.  As we prayed for several minutes while the ministry continued, the Holy Spirit revealed to me as the winds shifted and became stronger, “as the Red Sea parted with the mighty force of God, so shall this storm depart.”  One could see the arc in the clouds where it was being sent away from us as the heavy rains fell in the distance, yet the storm clouds overhead remained pitch black.  As the service came to a close, several accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, including a madam from the prostitution home, who later said that she wanted to turn her home into a children’s home.  The devil tried to stop the work of God, but our God is Almighty and all powerful and in control of everything!  Once again scripture was revealed to me.


Many people gave their life to Christ during the medical clinics that were held, including one lady who practiced witchcraft.  We witnessed those in hopelessness, those feeling rejected and alone find hope and joy as the love of Christ overflowed throughout all the villages we went to.  We witnessed the light of Christ shine through the darkness, those already in the church body encouraged, edified and strengthened in The Word of God.  Many who only knew a life of sin began to rejoice as they found a better way – the one and only way – the only true way to forgiveness, restoration and eternal life, which is in and through Jesus Christ!  As the week began to close, faces, once filled with pain and suffering were transformed, revealing peace and joy of The Lord!




God was at work and we who were called to the Dominican Republic had the privilege of being used by God as we joined Him in His plans.  None of this could have taken place had it not been for a praying body of Christ back home.  One instance during the week, I felt the prayers of the church, and spoke aloud to myself, “The church is praying!”  What a wonderful and glorious feeling to know that we as the body of Christ are in harmony and unity with God by the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross and the guiding of the Holy Ghost in our lives!  Only by the grace of God we are what we are and can be a witness to His glory!  All glory, honor and praise to our Almighty God!                                                                                                                                 Marcelle Nipper






Ireland 2015


Thank you so much for your prayers for our trip. It was such a privilege to go with Lee, Bro. David Owens and His wife Kim to Ireland. It is always a joy to be with the body of Christ in Limerick. God has used Lee and Bro. David in unique ways to encourage the church there and they are treasured friends. In addition to the weekend conference at the New Testament Church in Limerick with Pastor Garrett and Jackie O'Regan, we were also able to visit Life Church in Portlaoise, the church where Patrick and Michelle O'Laughlin are ministering, and meet in Donegal with several area churches at a two-day Revival meeting organized by Bro. Jay P. along with Simple Faith.


We traveled many miles and for many hours across Ireland and enjoyed seeing the countryside, but so much more was the joy of fellowship with believers and the opportunity for the Holy Ghost to bring encouragement to the believers there. In every church and meeting we saw a hunger among many of the people, desiring to see something beyond religion, praying for God to move across their land. In comparison to the overall population of Ireland, there is only a minute percentage of those that are born-again believers (Maybe 1%)!


The first weekend we were there, the people of Ireland voted to change their constitution to allow gay marriages. This is a first. Many believers were discouraged and felt defeated. In all this, Lee and Bro. David brought messages of power and anointing by the Lord that lifted those who were discouraged, challenged those living by religious effort, brought the light of the gospel and salvation to the lost, healing to those who were sick, and a stirring in the hearts of believers to see Jesus and His great love not only for them but the love they could give to Him.


In every meeting there were testimonies of lives that were changed, eyes opened, defeated brought to victory, and joy expressed through worship where before there was heaviness. Please keep Ireland in your prayers. The Holy Spirit is at work and He has called us to join Him!


Carla Shipp


Albania 2015


Have you ever felt your heart so full that you feel it may burst? This is how I felt as I stood in front of 100 Albanian health students about to teach them about triaging and prioritizing your patients. It was a “this is what I was created for” kind of moment. In that moment all my passions were being fulfilled: nursing, teaching, student ministry, evangelism, unreached people groups, and discipleship. This was not your typical mission trip where the poor are fed, churches are painted, and tracts are handed out in the plaza. This was altogether different, yet beautiful, as God used the gifts of teaching to open doors of ministry to these agnostic, atheistic, and Muslim group of young people. The Christian student group on the Health Sciences University campus organized this outreach to their fellow peers. For one week, every afternoon, we taught lectures along with practical application/practice. Two evenings of this week we went with the students to an outlying poor community to offer free clinics and health screenings. Our lectures that week included CPR, head-to-toe assessments, blood pressure measurements, case-study triage, and pharmacology. Some of these students had never taken blood pressures before, nor listened to breath and heart sounds. It was amusing to see how excited they were to hear bowel sounds through the stethoscope! In their education, they do not have the opportunity for hands-on-learning, and many cannot afford stethoscopes or blood pressure cuffs. At the end or beginning of our lectures we would share bits of our testimonies. Many did not know much about Christianity, nor had heard the gospel. Albanians are highly relational people, and unless they know you, they generally don’t listen to you. As we developed relationships with them through teaching that week, they wanted to hear more of what we had to say.  At the end of the week, there was a retreat held in the beach town of Durress. Here, we invited pastors to come speak to the students, and after “services” we had small group discussions. Tough questions were tackled, like: “Is the Bible true?” “Did God create the world?” “Can God be known?” “Is there eternal life, and how do I obtain it?” Questions these young people were battling couldn’t be answered in the university setting, and their current religious backgrounds weren’t satisfying either. We were able to give them the answer to all: JESUS. “I am the way, the truth and the life.” John 14:6 We were able to open the word of God and reveal His truths, His love, and His purposes. Two Muslim sisters, Voltina and Volteza, heard these truths for the first time. They originally came for the nursing lectures, but by the end the week, they wanted to know more about this Jesus. They had never really interacted with Christians before! And the Lord gave us such grace and favor in their eyes that their curiosity was peeked! They both are joining the Bible study this semester hosted by the Christian student group. There was also one young woman named Angelina. She was the only Christian in her family. She was born again at an English camp she went to as a child. Now, as a college student, her faith was shaking. She shared her doubts and struggles with me, and I was able to encourage her in the Lord and pour the promises of God and the truths of His word into her life. At the end of the weekend, I gave her my worn out travel Bible to practice her English on and as a way of encouragement when she struggles (many of the pages are high-lighted and written on!) After a sweet time of prayer, hugs, and tears, I bid my sister and friend good-bye and trust the Holy Spirit will continue His work in both her life, and the lives of the others students that were touched that week.


Ana Depuy


Dominican Republic Leadership Conference  March 2015


The first night was very difficult - uniquely hard ... The church was really hardened and cold and wounded and sick. God truly dealt with them though and really poured out his heart to them. God used us but they were so hardened. I simply came to the pulpit and had to put everything I thought I would preach away. At that moment I didn't know what to do and the Holy Ghost said to me, “Preach what you see.” And I started to see them in their spirit. Pastor Shedrick said it was as if the Holy Ghost was plowing up their hardened hearts. And Pastor Jarrod said it was a call for them by the Holy Ghost to repent and come to Jesus so they could be healed and not abused anymore. Many came to the altars and prayed. But there was a difficult job ahead. They were very institutionalized Christians - we needed a miracle, but we knew why we were there – amen.


 What a difference the Holy Ghost made overnight! The river of the Holy Ghost was flowing and we saw smiling face with smiling eyes. I want to give all the glory to God and testify of the possibilities of our lives when we are led by the unction of the Holy Ghost. Those people were changed and they went out and packed the house that day and oh my what a different atmosphere! I preached on the ministry of love and honestly I have never seen such a transformation- we were all greatly astounded and rejoiced in God. The people repented of their hard ministry and the Holy Ghost Fell on them giving them such joy and liberation. They could see it, Truly see what I was talking about - the Holy Ghost gave them transforming revelation and they were changed! Amen!


 Without your prayers we would not have this testimony. ThankYou so Much! Amen                          


Lee Shipp


I want to thank Jesus for the opportunity to go on this mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I learned and saw many things that will be with me forever. I thought that before I left home I was going to bless people, help people that were poor and in need, and let me say when I went I saw how poor I really was  the Lord said to me “You be still my son, for I am working in you.”  I thank God I really saw three aspects in my life change for the better. He showed me the importance of hearing His voice say, “ be quiet and be still and allow me to move in you first, then I will speak to you when I am ready to use you.”  God did just that on the last night we were there. Secondly, He showed me the importance of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. We must have this baptism of fire to go where Jesus is taking this last day church. The translator heard me speaking in his language as I spoke in the Holy Ghost and I’m so grateful for His powerful Spirit that consumes us and gives us authority and power to preach to all the world.  Most importantly, I learned, even being away, how important home is. I believe God used this time to show me the importance of my home being the first ministry. What shall it profit me to gain the whole world and lose my own family – nothing. So this trip I believe was the first of many mission trips for me and our church, but I have really seen in Jesus that I must first pour in love in my home before I can take it to the world.                        


Pastor Jared Jenkins


So Many things stood out to me the last few days. I will try to sum it up in a short paragraph. The hope of Glory that Pastor Lee talked about through Jesus Christ – Jesus lived His life here walking and talking in our midst, but He desires to be the hope of Glory through us, His followers. For that to happen, God has to break me or us, so that His life in me can be shown through me. In speaking of Paul, Pastor said that Paul didn’t just tell them about Jesus, he allowed Jesus to step out of his body to make Himself known – that was powerful!  Pastor shared that when Christ is mature in your life, you will be willing to go to the cross and die for people that hate you and persecute you. I have to ask myself, “Am I willing to lay down my life and die for someone that hurts me for the sake of God?!”  Wow, what a thought! He continued to say that your anointing and your ministry stops at the person’s feet that you are not willing to wash. Jesus washed the feet of the devil Judas. How is it that I can forgive my brother that offends me no matter what? Because we have the answer to the world’s problem - JESUS. And the fact that He died not only for me but for my brother that offends me. There’s so much more to share, I could go on and on. These things seem so simple and elementary but they really got me thinking. Thank you Brother! Love you                  


David Bryant



Peru Pastor's Conference, Lima  February 2015

Thank you all church for your prayers.


The conference went very well. We met Thursday and Friday nights and had two sessions on Saturday. God spoke through Lee the first night by means of a tremendous burden in his heart, a cry of the Spirit that we would abandon our methods and make God alive again. One woman testified that she had come to many conferences and had always loved them but wasn't expecting God to speak to her, but He did! And brought great encouragement into a situation.


The second night Lee shared of the greatest power in the earth- the Holy Ghost-  who has come for one purpose, To glorify Jesus. We are to glorify Jesus through our lives....If the Holy Ghost is hindered there is a lack of ability on my part to hear and agree with him. The great purpose of the Holy Ghost is to cause us to live by that inner man, by the Holy Ghost. The problem is we can't hear his thought. God showed Lee that there was something standing between Him and his people entering in to worship Him- He wanted to remove those mountains that had caused Him to become obscure in their faith...he shared with the people that if they could believe Him he would remove that mountain and they would see Him clearly again. He told them that many of them came last night with expectation and  left and the powers of darkness came against them and took that expectation away.  “Come unto me all who are heavy laden...I'll give you rest” Lee had an altar call right then and 100 people came. There was a great move among the people- burdens lifted, such shouting and rejoicing as God began to remove their mountains and over 50 people were filled with the Holy Ghost. People began to testify that God had directly touched them! Amen!


On Saturday morning we heard of God’s blessing- God must be careful to prepare you for the blessing because they will bring great challenges. We are to take spoil from the battle and display it in the house of God - the testimonies of Gods people who have fought a battle with the devil, have taken from him and display it for the glory of God. He shared that the God of many preachers today does not seem to be a God of great and magnificent power. This God of power must be made real. The responsibility of their lives is to not celebrate a God behind the walls of a church, but fight a devil in the name of Jesus and take something from him back to the house of God - tell them what God did in the world. Saturday's meetings were the deepest work of the Spirit yet as through the ministry of God's Word, the Holy Spirit gave revelation to so many that were there. They were so thankful for being there and receiving from the Lord.


We finished the day with a delicious meal with the pastors and leaders and were able to give them some gifts as well.


That Sunday afternoon we met with Pastor Gustavo’s church and had a great time of ministry and fellowship. Keep Revival Christian Center in your prayers as they actively seek to reach people for Christ. Pray that God provides them with a building to meet in and continue their ministry and outreach.                                                                                                           Carla Shipp 



Dominican Republic - January 2015

Dominican Republic, January 2015.


            On January 1, 2015, a small group composed of members from our church departed to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip. The group included Jeff Lee, Tammy Lee, Aaron Lee, Kaitlyn Mullins, Steven Lagarrigue, Tiffany Lagarrigue, Alberto Depuy, Rachel Smith, William Currier, and myself, Samih Muhammad. We arrived in Santa Domingo with much excitement.


            The Lord began to move immediately upon arrival. Before we continued on our journey from Santa Domingo to Nagua we had to make a momentary stop as the driver was waiting for someone to meet him in another part of town. Rather than waiting in the taxi we decided to get out to walk around for a little while. As we began to walk back to the taxi a homeless man who was also had a crippled leg stopped Jeff and Ray. Ray is a brother in The Lord who lives in the Dominican Republic. The man was attempting to ask Jeff for money, but immediately Jeff through Ray’s translating began to preach the gospel to the man. We stood near praying and astonished at the glory of God. As Jeff continued to minister life to this man other men began to approach the conversation. It was just like the scripture says, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32, Jesus was being high and lifted up and men were being drawn! As we continued to watch in amazement the Holy Spirit through Jeff minister to each man individually, one by one, each man heard the gospel.


            Once the ministering stopped we loaded back into the taxi and continued to Nagua. After a fairly long drive we arrived at our destination and were told there was a welcoming party being prepared for us on the beach. We quickly changed and drove down to the beach to join the celebration. It was a pleasant surprise to find out the Body of Christ down there had prepared us dinner and a night of fellowship. After many laughs and some games we returned to the hotel from some rest.  The next morning we came together as a group for a small devotional and some prayer. Jeff then let us know the day would consistent of evangelism and open air preaching. Throughout the day the team split up in two, each with at least one translator, and we walked through out the city ministering to the locals. From house to house we attempted to spread the gospel. As we approached some house owners to give them tracts they would invite us in and the Lord would open up the door for us to minister to them. The tenderness of their hearts was a testimony in and of itself. The Lord continued to move into the night in which we open air preached. As we were preaching the Word, testimonies were coming to us of how people were giving their lives to the Lord. One young boy in particular asked Steven and Tiffany to go with them to his house to meet his mother, and when they got there they rejoiced in hearing that she had just given us life to the Lord. The rest of our time in Nagua consisted of us ministering to the orphans as well as a couple of churches in which Jeff preached powerful messages to each body.


            While we were in Nagua word got to us that our reservations at the hotel in the city we were supposed to be traveling to next were canceled for some reason. After long attempts of us trying to find a hotel even close to the city we finally found one that was listed to be around 20 Km away. After arrival and a drive that was supposed to be 2 hours away that turned into 7 hours away we arrived at the hotel. Upon getting there we found out that the city was not even close to where our hotel was and to make matters even stranger we would find out that the websites no longer were listed to be as close as they had said only a few days before. Regardless we had arrived and there was nothing we could do about it at that moment. As we unpacked our bags to rest for the night the hotel attendant was telling Jeff that he had never seen missionaries minister in the city we were in. Noticing that God may have brought us here, Jeff asked us to pray about staying where we were and ministering to the locals. The following morning we came to the conclusion that we were to stay where the Lord brought us.


            That morning we immediately began ministering to the locals. We all agreed that we knew the Lord was going to do big things. The following days were filled with street evangelism in which we ministered to countless people in which most gave their lives to the Lord. He continued to draw on people’s hearts through out the day both young and old, men and women where coming to know this Jesus as their savior. It wasn’t about the Americans it was about Jesus and that is why we were privileged to see such a harvest. That night the Lord had put on Jeff’s heart for us to down a church service and after a few attempts we could not find a church that we could hold that service in that night, but nevertheless God is faithful. That night we had an open air service in a park where the left over Christmas lights provided enough light for us to hold a service. At the end of Jeff’s preaching an altar call was given and The Holy Spirit fell, many of people came up for salvation, prayer for healing, and prayer for other reasons as well. It was such a mighty move of God it left us tearful rejoicing at His glory. The following night was bitter sweet in which it was our last day. We traveled to a near by village where we held a service at a church that we were invited. Jeff preached and Alberto translated and the Spirit of God moved once again, drawing man and moving upon people’s hearts. The pastor of that church was especially touched and stirred for the Lord.


            This mission trip was amazing as we saw God move upon multitudes of people, including children, we saw God use each other in ways we never expected to be used, and we saw God bring such a unity to our group that glorified the words of our Lord, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:35. None of this could have been capable if it was a genuine move of God and if the Body of Christ was not faithful to pray.



 Samih Muhammad


Dominican Republic  -  January 2015


On January 1, 2015, a small mission team from First New Testament left the U.S. to spread the gospel and share the love of Christ in the Dominican Republic.  We planned to spend 4 days in Nagua, 4 days in Luperon, and the remaining 4 days Jeff and his family would minister in various churches once the rest of the team returned to the U.S. 


The first four days of the trip were spent in the city of Nagua.  During the day, our team walked the streets of Nagua where we shared the gospel with people in the park and throughout the neighborhoods. The people were so kind and many times they welcomed us into their homes. Many of their hearts were hungry for God and to know the truth.  The people we met that were already Christians wanted prayer and needed encouragement.  A very special moment during our time in Nagua was our visit to an orphanage. We shared the gospel with the girls, played games, sang songs, loved on them, and prayed with them. 


The first night our translator and Dominican contact, Rey, brought us into three neighborhoods and the local park where our group was able to open-air preach, hand out tracts, and pray with individuals.  The next two nights were spent in local churches.  Jeff Lee preached the gospel to the people.  In his message, he also urged the first church to live out their Christian walks in their homes, workplaces, and school and to be missionaries in their city, and in the second church he encouraged them to continue in prayer and to not give up. 


The trip was going as we planned until about mid-week.  Our plans for the second half of the trip involved us traveling from Nagua to a town called Luperon.  However, God had another plan for the next four days.  Our hotel rooms were canceled, so we searched the internet until we found a hotel that was 27 km from the church. Our hotel change also caused us to have to change our means of transportation. We booked the hotel, borrowed 2 vehicles from church members in Nagua and Rio San Juan, and we were finally on our way! 


Our travel time from Nagua to Luperon that was supposed to be 2 hours turned into a 7 hour ride that included lots of car trouble.  As the ride continued, we had many thoughts and even fears about where we were headed.  It was dark and our translator was unfamiliar with where we were driving.  When the road turned went from being paved to a dirt road, we started to really question where we were.  We were definitely driving by faith and not by sight. 


The most amazing encounter happened the moment we pulled into the hotel parking lot.  At this point, we realized that we were 2 hours from Luperon and the church we planned to minister in. It would be very unlikely that we could travel to Luperon.  So there we were, in a foreign town, no church to minister in, and we didn’t anyone except each other. One of the hotel workers greeted us and wanted to know what we were doing coming to stay at that hotel.  After sharing that we were a mission team that was supposed to be in Luperon, he told us that his town never had missionaries there before.  At that moment, our team was extremely encouraged and knew that the Lord could use us in this town.  Nothing went according to our plans that day, but we knew they went according to the Lord’s plans. 


We met the next morning for breakfast and devotion time and we were full of uncertainties but also full of hope and excitement.  In Mark 16:15, we are commanded to, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  We believed that if we began sharing the gospel with people in this little village that God would lead us to do what He wanted.  As we walked the streets sharing the gospel, we received the same warm welcome as we did in Nagua.  They opened their homes to us and their hearts to Christ.  Many people received salvation and many people were encouraged to turn back to the Lord and not to give up their faith. 


Through our obedience to share the gospel, the Lord let us meet a school principal and two pastors. This was not set up by any person.  The Lord simply gave us the opportunities to meet these men on the streets. The school principal invited us to his school the following day where our team was able to share the gospel with the teachers, students, and various workers on campus.  That same day the Lord began setting up a church service for us. We believed that Jeff had something from the Lord to share with these people. With no church building to use, we were once again walking by faith and not by sight.  He guided us to a Dominican girl that was able to rent us a speaker system. He showed us the local park that we could use for our location. We made contact again with our Christian hotel worker that could lead the people in Spanish worship songs.  Since we were having this outdoor service at night, we also needed lighting.  The Christmas decorations remain up until January 21 each year in the DR, so we plugged in the Christmas tree to our generator and it lit up the entire park.  As it was time to begin the service, we were experiencing technical difficulties.  We needed a second microphone and a couple electronic pieces to make the speakers work.  Rey mentioned he had seen a box in our borrowed car.  Inside that car was not only a microphone but those exact pieces needed to run the system!  At the service, our hotel worker led worship, salvation testimonies were shared by Steven and Kaitlyn, and Jeff preached the gospel and gave instruction to the people on how to walk with the Lord. It was one of the most beautiful church services we have ever been a part of!!!


The last night of our trip we attended a church service for Pastor Jose, one of the pastors we met while walking the streets and witnessing.  His tiny church building in the mountains was filled with children, probably close to 40 children.  Alberto shared his testimony.  Jeff shared Jesus with them.  It was a precious time to see all the children hearing about the Lord and seeing the encouragement that Pastor Jose was receiving. 


This was a trip like no other trip!!!  We planned for church services and ministry like any other trip that we have been on.  However, the Lord showed us that sometimes He has something else planned, something far better in mind if we are obedient to His leading!  The work has only begun in this village and the neighboring towns.  The people need a pastor, bibles, a church meeting place, and discipleship. We are all forever changed in our own hearts by the Lord allowing us to be part of a great work in a village that never had missionaries!  


We appreciated all of the prayers and support from our FNT church family.  Please continue to pray for all those that accepted Christ in Nagua and this little village.  Pray that they would continue on in their Christian walks and that the Lord would keep them.


Tiffani Lagarrigue


Mission Team: 


Jeff, Tammy, and Aaron Lee, Kaitlyn Mullens, Steven and Tiffani Lagarrigue, Alberto Dupuy, William Currier, Sam Mohammad, Rachel Smith



And Mary said, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord. And my Spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.’”


                -Luke 1:46-47


This verse speaks beautifully of how grateful and honored my heart was to be a part of this trip to the Dominican Republic. The Lord did an abundance of great and marvelous things on this trip and my heart can only respond as Mary did, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord. And my Spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.’


There were so many times on this trip where I stood in awe in what our Lord did. One such instance is when Sam was ministering to a lady in a bungalow restaurant. We were just walking by when we saw this little bungalow. Being a hot day, we stopped in to grab some water when Sam started to minister to the lady with me translating for him. The conversation ended in no more than 5 minutes. She was ready to give her life to Christ. I was in shock. The conversation was so quick. But when I asked the lady if she really understood what we were talking about and how serious salvation is, she replied that she knew what being born again means, how important it is for each and every one of us, and how she was ready to give her life to Christ and accept Him as her own personal Lord and Savior. It was incredible! It was almost as if she was sitting in her bungalow praying for someone to come to her and tell her about this wonderful grace and salvation that can be hers through Christ Jesus. And what was even more so incredible was that she was not the only one who was waiting to hear this good news.


Almost every single person we talked to gave their hearts to Christ, rededicated their lives to Christ after walking away from the Lord, received healing in their bodies, received restoration between their families, ect. On top of that, we had no plans at all to be in this particular little town we were in. The Holy Spirit led us to this place and confirmed to us that we were supposed to stay there instead of going on with our other plans. We learned once we arrived to this little town that no missionary has ever been there before. Every miracle, every salvation, every healing, every restoration, everything we were able to witness that the Lord did was such a confirmation that the Lord wanted us to be there and that the hearts in that place were so ready to receive Christ! I left this Dominican Republic trip in complete adoration of Christ and rejoicing in God my Savior. Hallelujah!


Rachel Smith




Mission Trip Testimonies 2016


Albania November 2016


Hello Friends and Family : )

 I arrived safely back to the US last Monday night and of course have hit the ground running since I got home, so excuse the late update on the Albania trip.


This was another beautiful trip as it was a combination of discipleship and evangelism. For the past 25 years, a group of Christian doctors have been coming to minister to Albania, even when it was a closed country. The open door was medicine and education. These American doctors (which form the Albania Health Fund) initially ministered to doctors and the faculty of the medical school. Relationships were built and trust formed, but still this older generation had no interest in spiritual things. The doctors noticed, however, that students were hungry. The less interested the professionals were, the more interested the students were. With the help of Intervarsity, a university ministry was formed on the health sciences campus in the capital city of Tirana. It is with these students that we work with now and teach on the campus and bring the students out to an evangelical conference.


Last week was a time of discipleship as we spent time pouring into the student leadership. It was a time of pioneer work as we went into classrooms and schools teaching, sharing our testimonies, inviting to Bible studies, and inviting to the weekend conference. And it was a time of evangelism as we shared the gospel one-on-one or in teaching at the conference.


A couple of neat testimonies:


There was a young woman (radiology tech student) who came last year and got saved. She's been attending the Bible studies and got plugged into a church. When she saw me she excitedly gave me a hug and told me how much she loves Jesus! And she invited 3 of her classmates to the weekend conference. Two of those girls were muslims, and one orthodox...and they were in my small group! One of the girls stated that she had never seen God like this, that all her views and thoughts on God have changed and she wants to know more. The Muslim girls were a little harder to read. One girl was confounded with the Trinity, and I was able to connect her with the campus pastor who might be able to answer her questions better in her own language.


The doctors Mark and Al who have been going for the past 25 years re-visited the Albanian docs who they have had friendships for years. One of the docs finally had his eyes opened and asked what he must do to be saved! And the dean of the medical school came over to the conference one morning and sat in on the talk of faith and science, and commended drs Mark and Al on the things they were teaching the students.....and this is coming from atheists!!

So, little by little, God has been working the fields in Albania, and looks like the harvest is starting to come in!

Thank you for your prayers and for your intercession. They were greatly appreciated!

May the Lamb Who was slain receive the reward for His suffering!



Ana Depuy


Poland - School of Christ Conference November 2016

Poland 2016


       This was an exceedingly great conference. I preached Friday and four times on Saturday. Many pastors and leaders were present and there was a wonderful attendance from the church as well. God wonderfully led me in every message to preach what appeared to be very prophetic words that ministered directly into situations and questions. A renewed desire and need for the Holy Ghost was evidently restored in the people. Although this was a Pentecostal Church, many of the people were afraid of the Gifts of the Spirit. They had been severely wounded and abused by charismatic groups that had come in the past and had greatly damaged the church. After the meeting, the pastor told me, “We have seen Jesus’ goodness in giving us the Holy Ghost and that He is as good as Jesus for us. We want Him and know this message is sent to us by God.”


      On Sunday morning, Bro. Noah Middleton ministered a powerful, prophetic message speaking directly in to the needs and questions that had been voiced to me, yet that Noah knew nothing of. It was truly the Lord and the power of His Spirit!


      I also had opportunities to meet with the pastor and encourage he and the leaders in walking in the Holy Ghost. Thank you so much for standing with me I prayer.


      One further thing: he commented that the meetings last year were the most anointed they had ever experienced and for a solid year God has been changing their churches for the good. Praise God prayer warrior – this is your testimony in Christ. All glory to our Living, Almighty, Gracious God – we know this is Jesus working.


       Carla, Jordan, Noah Middleton and Fiona Hunter were blessed to stay with wonderful Christian families who have sincere desires to live for Jesus and serve Him and the body of Christ. The people of the church were so gracious and loving to us.


       We give glory to the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness, the love and freedom found in Jesus, and the working of His Mighty Holy Spirit. Thank you for praying.


Lee Shipp


Living Waters Ignite Retreat October 2016


     -  “Pastor, I just want to thank you for taking time to come out. You and your family have truly been a huge blessing. You re-sparked my vision in missions and help set ablaze my walk with God. I thank you for being willing to let God use you and your family. Thank you for bringing life to me!!! “  


      - “I just want to start off by thanking you both for coming to our retreat! We truly appreciate the love and sacrifice you both gave us. I not only speak for myself but the whole Ignite. You have touched our lives and we will never forget it. You magnified the Love that God gives us and we can see the love of Christ through your heart and your eyes. You’ve opened my eyes in many ways, and you took me out at one of the darkest times of my life through the words of God. Thank you for all you do! We all truly adore you Pastor Lee Shipp and Pastor Carla, but we LOVE Colleen, Ethan, Jordan, and Hadyn also! Come back soon!”


       - “Thank you so much for all the amazing messages you taught on up there in Big Bear. I came up there with a heavy heart, but God really made a tremendous move in my life. I feel His presence in my life every day and I am continuing to seek His face and keep Him number one in my life. You and your family showed me so much love and care and I am so blessed to have such amazing sisters and brothers in the Lord like your family. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you guys again soon!”


Lee, Jordan, Colleen, Ethan, Hadyn and I were so blessed to be with the Living Waters Young Adult group“Ignite” for their retreat at Big Bear. We were blessed by their love for one another, their unity as a group, their desire for the Lord and their fellowship. They were so loving to us and we had a great time in the Word together and playing “Sardines” and Flag Football!  God has built such a fabulous group that is desiring to grow in the Lord and serve Him and the Body of Christ. He has blessed them with the best leaders – Chris and Marissa Shaw and an amazing church – Living Waters, Chino, CA.


Colombia - Leadership Conference,  October 2016

This was a very profitable trip and the Lord moved in a very powerful way, dealing with many things in the lives of the leaders here. We also had opportunities to meet in small groups with leaders and encourage them and give them guidance through the Holy Ghost and the Word of God.  Bro. Jarrod Jenkins and Bro. Shedrick Winfield were mightily used of the Lord. We saw many miracles, salvations, and baptisms in the Holy Ghost. Please continue to pray. There are great needs to be met and a very hungry people who love God.

Lee Shipp


Shalom Brooklyn Outreach, Brooklyn, New York -July 2016


Bill and I had not felt the presence of the holy spirit more in the past three years at shalom Brooklyn outreach as we did this year!  He moved mightily as the team from all over the states worshipped him in the mornings and sought his presence before going out into the parks, the beaches, and the subways, ministering to the Jewish people of god!  As usual there was much objection to their Jewish messiah – but victory was in those divine appointments of god!


As Bill and I began giving out the “I found Shalom tracts, engaging in conversation as we were led by the Holy Spirit, one young Israeli man said he was seeking Shalom (peace). We had walked on, but the burden of the holy spirit to reach out to this man was overwhelming, so we went back to speak to him.  He invited us to sit down on his mat as he shared his burdens, saying that he only had a few hours before flying back to Israel and was just trying to find some sanctuary in the park.  I began to feel as if i had just sat back and the Holy Spirit himself began to answer every question he had concerning his life and the hope that was in Messiah.  When we had finished sharing, he looked into my eyes and said, that was beautiful.  I said, “Yes he (Jesus) is!” He allowed us to pray with him, and when finished, he was willing to seek out the truth in the claims we made about Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We told him we wanted him to have time to rest.  He told Bill and I that he was so glad we stopped, because he had not felt this much peace in many years!  All glory to God!


Another time as we were passing out tracts, we had given one to a young black woman who was with her adolescent daughter, when a young black man got into our faces and began to accuse us of ministering to only the wealthy.  He asked,  “why don’t you come to my people where I live?  Oh you won’t.” He continued to create a scene and be very aggressive.   I discerned by the Holy Spirit that this young man was in pain, hurting, needing to be loved.  I opened my arms and asked him several times, what was his name, and told him all we have is to offer love, nothing more.  Bill then spoke out and said, “I understand, I know what you are going through, I’ve been there.”  In that moment the young man took on a new heart, repented before God and us.  We ended up praying with him.  All this happened right after the black lives matter movement started.  What Satan wanted for evil, God turned to good!


This was only two of many divine appointments of God!  This would not have been possible without the prayers of the church body praying for us.  Thank you so much for standing with us in this ministry!         


Bill & Marcelle Nipper


End Times Conference - Bee Branch, Arkansas - July 2016

The End Times Conference in Arkansas was a wonderful blessing to myself, Main Line Church and many others. The teaching that Pastor Lee Shipp brought forth was so simple, yet so soundly profound biblical truth that anyone could understand. The clarity of God’s Word about The Time Clock of Israel, the kingdom of antichrist, The Rapture and Our Hope in Heaven, was so clear that we received several testimonies of people’s faith and expectations being increased abundantly. The testimonies we received were from Christians who were unsure about some of these events. The simple truths of God’s Word that Pastor Lee shared restored the Faith of many and the purity of Carla's Worship during these service refreshed our Church and others who attended. I want to Thank God most for sending Pastor Lee and Carla Shipp, but also FNT Church for the prayers and for sharing their pastor with us during this conference.                       


Thank you with Love;                 

Pastors Michael and Kayla Roberson.     


Colombia, June 2016

Our trip to Cartegena, Colombia this June was absolutely amazing. From the time we arrived to the time we left God's hand guided everything and anointed us to do His work. He gave us a holy unity with Pastor Alfonso's church and the group from Grace Fellowship in Florida. What God brings together, nothing can come in-between! 

We led VBS and went out to the streets proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and broke the bonds of religion that held people captive for years. We saw children crying out and asking God to save them, demons being cast out of elderly people, and hungry souls being born again and set afire for God. This experience was truly remarkable and humbling. 


Bailee Abercrombie


Hungary, June 2016


This trip was very difficult in the spirit, with a great deal of spiritual warfare. There were many demonic attacks that came against us, but to the degree the attacks came, God’s grace went far beyond to give us what we needed. I’m amazed at the love of God, how much He loves us and loves His children. I’m amazed at what He did through our lives. We were amazed at the power of God and all He did. We saw divine healings take place before our eyes, including healing of paralysis and disease. 


We were part of the Pentecostal Holy Ghost Conference for Hungary. There were many believers there. The church that we were using for the conference had at one time been a part of the Latter Day Rain movement, full of doctrinal error and great bondage. The church members had lived in a compound, isolated from the world. The people lived with laws of holiness. They had no relationships with people around them or with other churches. The former pastor’s son became the pastor. God began to move in this young pastor and last year he opened the doors up to the conference and the Lord delivered him. We’ve kept in contact and he said to me, “Last year we could not deny the power, liberty, and freedom of God that was ministered to us. We knew we were in error and that God was not pleased with us.” He and some of his leadership began to take drastic measures to come out of this false doctrine. Because of this, they lost many of their people. Many left the church. He shared that often he felt like quitting, but the Lord gave him strength to keep going.


On the first night of the meetings, the Lord put a word in my heart about the threatening letter that King Hezekiah received from the King of Assyria. Hezekiah went into the temple and laid the letter before God and asked the Lord to look at the letter and open up his ears and hear what the evil King was saying against the people of God. God responded and delivered His people. I spoke about the blessings of God upon his people that causes the nations to fear God. After the sermon the pastor of the church came forward to testify. He told of a threatening letter that this church had received that had caused much fear and turmoi. He said that in this message God spoke to them in detail on what they were seeking the Lord about. They were stunned as to how much the Lord loved them and would bring them this answer. This was no coincidence, but the moving of the Holy Ghost.


In the services to follow the Lord continued to move in the people. From the depths of their being the people were crying to the Lord to be set free from their captivity. The Lord comforted His people with such grace and compassion. Then they started to embrace one another and pray together for each other’s needs. They laid before the altars in silence before God as though He was right before them. Glory to God!


The presence of God was very great among us. In Friday morning’s message about Jesus coming to give us life, there was such an unction of the Holy Ghost given to all. There was a faith that could be seen and felt and it was like Jesus went forth to war on our behalf. He so delighted the people that it broke forth into rejoicing and praise. In our closing service for the conference there was great joy in all the people and the Lord helped me give them good instructions from His Word about maintaining the victory and joy of the Lord.


This year the pastor had asked me to preach in his church that Sunday, after the conference.


The Saturday evening before, the Lord gave me a word to preach at this church. Sunday morning, as I ministered that word, I came to realize that the whole message was a prophecy over this church. I felt so strongly that I was preaching a life-giving word to them. As I began to realize this, a lunatic, who was demon-possessed, came into the church. He disrupted the service. As soon as he came in, the authority of the Holy Ghost rose up in me and dealt with that demon and in seconds it was over. I knew this devil did not want this church to be free. I began to minister and what came over the congregation was inexplicable. I dealt with critical issues that were causing division and troubles in the church. This gave great confirmation to the congregation that the pastors had been trying to help them understand over the last year. The church had had a very difficult year, lost many people, had been in error, and because of all this there were many questions that they had in their hearts. The pastors did not know how to answer these questions. God answered every one of these on every point through the message I preached. It was a marvel to see how God moved through the service and their response to the Holy Ghost was tremendous. The pastors saw the need to truly be lights in the world. Great healing and much agreement occurred. Even those who had set themselves against the things that God wanted to do in the church could not deny the desire of the Holy Ghost and what he was saying to them. I give all the Glory to God for prophesying through me and using this to magnify His son and stir people up to truly love the Lord with all their hears.


I can’t thank you enough for your prayers for all the Lord did and will continue to do.


One woman came to me and told me, “I’ve loved Jesus with all of my heart for 20 years. I’ve worked so hard to present myself to God in such a way that He would be pleased with me. This is what I’ve learned from church for 20 years. In one day, the message that you gave set me free in the love of God. I saw how much He loved me and loves me in His Son, Jesus Christ. I see how much God is pleased with the work He is doing in me.”


There are so many testimonies from this trip and I thank you again for your prayers.


Lee Shipp




We were honored to be a part of the June Missions trip to Budapest. This ministry time was some of the best we have been involved in, in recent years. The prayer times were so amazing. When you attend a conference like this, you don't pray for just 5 minutes. There is a commitment to prayer, and because of this, we could feel God working through our time spent in prayer with Him. When it came to ministry time, we could see the fruit of everyone seeking God. There was such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit during the services. And we expected nothing less.


One of our most favorite moments was when a very humble worship leader did worship for our service one evening. Immediately from the moment he hit the first key on the piano, we could feel a huge wave of the Holy Spirit enter into the room. We were enveloped in magnificent praise, like we haven't felt in years, and we couldn't even understand the words, because he was singing in Hungarian. But we could absolutely feel the Holy Spirit, and we knew in our hearts, that something was different about him.


We learned later, that this man Pinter Bela, is one of the premier worship leaders in all of Hungry. In fact he had just a few days prior been at a worship event in Budapest that had 15 thousand people at it, along with big name worship people who came in from England. Yet, here was this man ministering to our small crowd of people, as if he were before the throne of heaven itself. He didn't care about the numbers, because when he was asked to come and was told how many people would be at our event, he said it didn't matter to him, and we could tell this.


The next day, he did our morning worship service. Afterwards, we asked him if he would pray for the Shipp boys, since they are now helping to lead worship with The Anthem. He prayed strongly for these boys, and you could feel his sincerity towards them. That was a crowning moment we felt.


On our final Sunday in Hungary, our team spilt, and went into two directions to be more productive. Pastor Lee, and the team went back to Erd, to minister to the church there, while Don, and I went to Tomas' church in Paks, to minister there. We had a fantastic day, and after the sermon was finished we prayed one on one, for those that had needs. With the help of our interpreters, we were able to have understanding into their needs, and many people were encouraged afterward, as were we as well.


God was faithful to the people who came to this conference, the leaders, and our ministry team from Baton Rouge. We didn't have one issue or problem during this time. The young people were able to make great connections with some of the Hungarian youth there on site, and that is important that we connect with the people of God, where ever we are.


We felt a strong kindred spirit with the people there. And that is how we know we are one body in Christ Jesus. Such a great time of combined ministry and fellowship. We are thankful for the opportunity to be able to help encourage the people of Hungary.


We would go back again tomorrow, Lord willing!


Don, and Joyce Mahan



Nicaragua April 2016


 I want to start off by saying thank yall  so much for your prayers as I embarked to Nicaragua with Parkview coaches, students, and faculty over Easter break. It was a wonderful time serving the Lord in this country.


Every day we separated into teams: a construction team, a community team, and a VBS team. I was able to work with various teams, but I had the honor of leading the VBS team each day. I was told that I could have a lot of kids in each town we travelled to, but I never expected to have 150 kids at once! Haha. Many kids surrendered their lives to Christ at the end of each day though. In one particular town, I asked if there were any kids who would like to accept Christ and about 20 kids or so stood up and came forward. They didn’t just raise their hands, they actually stood up and walked to the front and prayed in front of all the other kids and parents. It was amazing. It wasn’t forced. It was simply God Almighty working in the hearts of these kids.


As I walked the streets one day ministering door to door, I prayed for the Lord to open more doors for the gospel to be preached. As I was praying and walking, a little boy at the age of 5 came up to me, grabbed my hand, and said, “hola.” I had never seen the kid before. But he talked to me like he knew me. He began to share with me that his parents were shot and killed in the streets and how him and his brother now live with their grandmother. It was a very sad situation. We soon saw his brother and he joined us walking down the street. What happened next was amazing. The Holy Spirit stepped in and I poured the gospel out to them and let them know that there was a hope for them. They BOTH gave their lives to Christ on the side of the street. They then immediately got up and started asking people from our group if we needed help carrying something, etc. And they stayed with us until we left that town. The LORD is so good. Their names are Fernando and Manuel.


In regards to the construction, we were also able to build 2 housing units for two separate families in Nicaragua. Once we were done, we dedicated the homes to the families in which we all prayed together for the Lord to protect the families and use them in their home towns to further the gospel of Jesus. It was a blessed time. One lady cried and cried and couldn’t thank us enough for the house but then for also spreading the love of Christ.


All in all, it was a miraculous trip and I was so grateful to have gone with students and faculty from the school I work out. The Lord definitely used this trip in the lives of the students that went and He has established relationships and opened more doors for me to continue pouring into the lives of the students that were able to go. The Lord continues and will continue to do awesome things!

 Thank yall for your prayers and continue to pray for:

 -The people of Nicaragua

-NCO (Nicaragua Community Outreach) – The organization that we worked with. Pray for wisdom for the leaders and that the Lord will continue to use them in whatever way He desires.

-The PBS students that went on this trip. Pray for a continual growth in the things of Christ

Rachel Smith


Northern Ireland  April 2016


‘This past trip to Northern Ireland gave us another opportunity to fellowship with the Body of Christ, but more importantly to minister for the Lord. Through the efforts of Larne Elim Church and Calvary Pentecostal, facilities were rented and six meetings  were held, including the Sunday services at the local churches.  Invitations were extended to the surrounding communities and the lost were invited to attend. If I could describe these meetings in a few words they would be "Invited to sit at His feet".
A clear gospel message was presented and the heart of God was revealed by the power of the Holy Ghost. Many who were not secure in their salvation were shown the Love of the Father and His desire for them to come to Him. The people shared of a soul- searching work done by the Spirit in their hearts. N. Ireland has a rich Christian history and Pentecostal heritage but in many places today it has been reduced to mere lifeless religion. Through the messages Lee preached and by the anointing of the Holy Ghost, life was breathed in to so many hearts. The comments to me's been a long time since we've heard anything like this....this nation needs this message....Bro. lee has shared with us the heart of God....God is doing a deep work in our hearts.  God is working to remove the shackles of tradition and show His heart of love, mercy, grace and forgiveness in a way people can touch and feel. Their eyes were opened to Him and so many specific questions were answered and needs met, which many testified they had long been searching for.   Thank you church for praying and supporting this ministry. Please continue to lift up the people and churches of N. Ireland. They are working towards meetings for next year and desire to reach a larger audience...pray for the leadership there and their desire to bring the gospel to the lost and to bring life to the believers.


Carla Shipp


Myanmar  April 2016


On April 14, we took a 3 day journey across the world to Kayah State, Myanmar. On our team was Hillary Powers, Helena Torres, J Garcia, Rick Wolford, and myself. Through the organization Bring Good News International we were able to work with Pastors Reuben and Thomas and evangelists Aung Hla, Adisah, and Phillip to bring the gospel into unreached communities in their country. We were able to share in villages using medical missions and community health education. This provided a doorway for the evangelists to share with the village chiefs and come back again to do Bible studies. This was difficult pioneering work, as the gospel is just now penetrating into these areas that have NEVER even heard the name of Jesus. In Kayah State we encountered spirit worship, and in Shan State we dealt Buddhism. Either way, the problem was still the same: sin; and the answer was still the same: Jesus. Thank you for covering us in prayers and may God continue to water the seeds that have been planted.


Ana Depuy


Ireland 2016


The meetings in Ireland were full of the power and the coming of the Holy Spirit! It was so wonderful to experience God actually come down upon us. many testified that they had never seen anything like this in their lives, though they had heard of these things happening. Praise God!

At first the atmosphere was cold and filled with traditional religion- very stale and afraid. The unction of the Holy Ghost led me and He started moving! By the second night it was a different place. Many were filled with the Holy Ghost and some from the Methodist and Baptisit churches were there ( not the Church of Ireland) and they were filled. 

I sought diligently to live by the Spirit and the meetings grew each time as people were telling others that they must come to the place where God was blessing. By the end the place was full and the people filled with the Spirit with great joy: singing, dancing, rejoicing,healed, delivered, and praising Jesus.

without you praying with me I do not believe this would be our testimony - in the Spirit, together - we have trusted God and He moved in His Glory. Thank you so much.

Lee Shipp


We started our trip to Ireland in Limerick at the New Testament church pastured by Garret and Jackie O'Regan. They have always been a great blessing to our church.
The Lord ministered through Lee to bring encouragement and instruct the church to align themselves with the Lord, seek to walk with Him, serve where ever they are, and God would keep them in the evil day. Jackie testified that many had been facing this issue of the care of Christ in their finances and jobs. She said "You would think we had a word in Lee's ear on what to preach!" What a blessing to know you are speaking for God to His people!

We drove from there 4 hrs. north to Donegal. Bro. Jay----and his wife Donna had arranged meetings in the gym of a local school and pastors, ministers, and hosts of others were invited to attend. The gospel group "Simple Faith" opened each meeting with worship and ministered each night. They were a great instrument of the Lord to bring encouragement and direct our hearts to Him. There was also ministry from local pastors and musicians. Each night Lee preached and each night God spoke by His anointing through him. The first night was difficult to begin. The atmosphere was stiff and the additive hard to penetrate. By Holy Ghost unction, the Lord showed Lee how He could break through this stiff religious posture. Through faith Lee moved with the Holy Spirit and God moved mightily. Lee shared what God desires to do in His church and there was an encouraging response from the people. Friday night was phenomenal! God was so honored, glorified and lifted high! It was a joy to celebrate Him and hear of His glory, His great name, His mercy, and forgiveness. Lee spoke of the need to see God's blessings on the church and for Jesus to have the pre-eminence. There was much rejoicing and you could see and feel a breakthrough in the hearts of the people gathered there. The comments were..."We've never seen anything like this before...the wood has been stacked up and you were the match that God sent to light it!"
The next night Lee brought a message from the Lord on the need to be filled with the Spirit. At the altar time 8 ministers received the baptism along with many other believers! God healed relationships as well. There were people at the meetings who had not spoken to each other for 10 years and God brought conviction, forgiveness and healing. 
The conference ended Sunday evening with a full gym...many had been told of the meetings and the ways God had been moving and were encouraged to come and see. They were strengthened, encouraged, filled, and anticipating all that God is going to do. 

We were so greatly blessed by Pastor Garret O'Regan's ministry at a local church on Sunday. He preached such a powerful message on the all-sufficency of Jesus and his triumph over sin!

We were also accompanied on this trip by our good friends, Pastor Shedrick and Mary Winfield. They ministered the Word with the body and shared such love with the believers there that no one wanted them to leave. 

Please continue to pray for the Christians in this region. There are very few born-again believers and churches. Even fewer that are Spirit-filled. The gospel only came about 30-40 years ago and the established religion is resistant and hardened to the gospel. Believers face isolation and persecution. We know that God is hearing and answering there prayers! 

Carla Shipp


Dominican Republic March 2016


The Dominican has always been a delightful place for our church to return to do missions. So, when I was asked to lead a medical mission trip for students, there was no question where I would take them! Dr. Carmelin Lara and Dr. Katy Rozon, along with the partnership of Pastors Jesus and Deysi Cuevas, prepared our clinic sites and gathered a team of Dominican doctors and translators (our dear friend Rey and Ariel being some of the translators). Through the Medical Strategic Network, we brought a team of 25 students and professionals from around the country; and the Dominicans supplied approximately 20 of their own! We held 4 days of clinics in needy communities where there were established churches. We wanted to partner with where God was already working and wanted to come alongside and labor with our Dominican brothers and sisters. The focus of the trip was for the students to learn how to do whole patient care both in the US and internationally while doing missions. We took time in talking with the patients, assessing both their spiritual and physical needs, and praying for patients and sharing the gospel as the Lord opened doors and softened hearts. By the end of the week, I found that God had done a greater work in OUR hearts---both the Dominican and American team—in humbling us, growing us, and challenging us.  


Ana Depuy

Albania  March 2016


I joined a group of Christian physicians and nurses from the U.S. in Tirana, Albania to teach at the medical and nursing schools. This trip was coordinated through CMDA (Christian Medical Dental Association) to use education to reach into otherwise closed “communities.” For years Albania has been an atheist nation, but with the fall of the iron curtain came an openness to “spirituality” and “religion.” The prominent religions now are Islam, Orthodox, and a mix of agnosticism and atheism. Our health professions gave us a platform to speak into the intellectual community of Albania. It was a delight to teach nursing students throughout the week and build relationships with them. At the end of the week we invited them to a retreat on the Adriatic Sea. This retreat was hosted by the Christian student group on campus. During the week they heard bits of our testimonies before lectures. But away from campus and on this retreat, we were able to openly share the gospel and challenge their thoughts on creation, ethics, and eternal life. Pray God continues the good work He began in these students’ lives and pray for the Christian student group there as they follow up with these students and start new Bible studies on campus. Pray this campus will be a place where revival is born!


Ana Depuy


Israel March 2016


Proverbs 3:6 “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”  What a privilege to be a servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ and to join Him in His work, as we walk in obedience to the calling he has placed upon us!  Several years ago, The Lord had given me a great burden for the Jewish people, and Bill and I have had ordained opportunities to minister into the lives of many here in the states.  God has been preparing us for such a time as this, when He opened the door for our journey to Israel, including the west bank with a team of 20 from all over the United States and one from Columbia.  We prayed daily from the time we knew we would be going and daily on the trip for an anointing and fresh filling of the Holy Spirit in our lives, that our steps would be ordered by God and that He would use us for His glory!  Our expectancy was nothing of ourselves, but the anticipation of a mighty move of God.   


We began with a 3-day, 35+ mile hike from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee, sharing the love of Christ to those we encountered along the way, and at places we stayed, but to our surprise, as a team, we ministered so much with each other, as we shared our testimonies along the way.  Little did we know the encouragement this time of fellowship would bring to those who were younger, facing similar struggles, and the unifying of the group for the next leg of our journey.  One night we slept in Yurts at an organic goat farm and the Lord burdened my heart for our young Israeli bus driver.  Bill and I were able to share the gospel with this young man, who was a professed, but non-practicing Catholic who did not understand the meaning of sin.  Although he was not ready to make a commitment of faith in Christ, he bathed in the love of Christ poured out through us and began interpreting for us at the clinics over the next 3 days.             

Our dependency upon the Holy Spirit to work through us was even more evident as we entered into the West Bank for a 3-day eyeglass clinic.  There was no obstacle set before us that The Lord did not remedy.    Their culture did not allow open sharing the gospel or even praying in the open, yet God had divine appointments for us daily.  A few young people from the Muslim community joined us in the clinic because they wanted to help their people.  In doing so, one of the young ladies received Christ.  The women were not used to being hugged and even when you could not verbally communicate with them at times, the physical touch was a balm to their souls!  Since it was a small city, word spread among the women and over the next two days, and the stoic faces lit up with anticipation for their hugs.  As the Lord ordained and guided us in His wisdom, we would minister to, share the gospel, pray with and counsel those in need. 


Once relationships were established, we had several home visits after the clinic each day, where we could share the stories of Jesus as our healer, our hope, our deliverer, and our savior!  One lady seen in the clinic was recently widowed from her husband being murdered.  She was left with 6 girls and one son who had become so angry that he abandoned his family and friends.  Her burden was so heavy, even after the stories and counseling, until the Lord had me share my own testimony of His grace upon my life dealing with the pain and heartache caused from the struggles of one of my own sons.  It was in that moment, God in His loving kindness and mercy touched her heart, lifted her burden, and she said, “My heart is lightened!”           


During clinic days, daily prayer walks were also made through the streets, opening up opportunities to share.  One of the days, Bill and a few other team members were asked to go break up soil around some trees planted by the children at one of the schools.  While there, Bill had asked the Lord, “Why am I here?” As he dug around the little trees, removing layers upon layers of stones, each getting smaller as he broke the ground, the Lord showed him that he was there to break up the stony hearts of the people and move away the barriers around the people’s hardened hearts.  As each stone is removed, the stony layers of the heart will become less and less, eventually getting to the fertile soil of the heart.  Seeds can be planted and watered with the truth of God’s Word, which brings salvation to the soul! Only then will that seed be planted on a solid foundation that can grow and bring forth fruit.


All along this journey, God was not just using the team to minister to others, but He ministered to each of us as well.  God blessed Bill by revealing His heart of love towards the unlovely.  He blessed me when I mis-stepped and fractured a bone in my foot while only 4 days into our ministry.  He gave me the grace to continue without treatment until the end, without wavering!  While in the old city market, Bill and I met two brothers in two different shops.  By the unction of the Holy Spirit, I shared a vision the Lord had given me concerning Old Testament scripture, leading to sharing the gospel.  In the other shop, the other brother commented that he felt a strong spirit within me but didn’t know what it was, opening up a door of opportunity to confirm that the Spirit in me was the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and we were able to share the gospel.  I was blessed with a confirmation of answered prayer, as the light of Christ shone so brightly that people searching for truth could see it!  One man said, as he observed, “she prays”.  Another called Bill and I a “power couple” – not in our own strength, but He that is in us! (2 Cor 13:4…”For we also are weak in him, but we shall live with him by the power of God…”) To God be the glory! 


Bill and Marcel Nipper


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